Nebamun's Geese

An in-painting tour of a fragment of a scene from the tomb-chapel of Nebamun

British Museum

Nebamun’s geese, a fragment of a scene from the tomb-chapel of Nebamun (-1350/-1350)British Museum

This scene is part of a wall showing Nebamun inspecting flocks of geese and herds of cattle. He watches as farmers drive the animals towards him; his scribes (secretaries) write down the number of animals for his records.   

Hieroglyphs describe the scene and record what the farmers say as they squabble in the queue.  

This scribe holds a palette (pen-box) under his arm and presents a roll of papyrus to Nebamun. He is well dressed and has small rolls of fat on his stomach, indicating his superior position in life. Beside him are chests for his records and a bag containing his writing equipment.

Farmers bow down and make gestures of respect towards Nebamun. The man behind them holds a stick and tells them:

‘Sit down and don’t speak!’.  

The farmers’ geese are painted as a huge and lively gaggle, some pecking the ground and some flapping their wings.  

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