Ancient Egypt: Mummies and Mysteries

Crack the hieroglyphic code, explore the pyramids, and meet the mummies

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What are hieroglyphs?

Discover the hand carved puns of Ancient Egypt

The ABCs

What the ancient symbols are all about

How to read hieroglyphs with AI

Discover Fabricius and how it works

See hieroglyphs, up close

Learn with calligrapher Seb Lester

What do the hieroglyphs teach us today?

What letter does the owl represent?
M is a phonetic transliteration for the symbol.

Unearthing Egypt's secrets

Meet the women Egyptologists digging into history

Listen and look

Explore Ancient Egyptian artifacts while you enjoy music

A culture of cat lovers

Did you know the Ancient Egyptians thought cats brought luck?

Ancient creations

Egyptian art and architecture that continue to inspire us

Visit the pyramids

Discover surprising secrets about the mysterious structures

Take your virtual tour

Try to avoid the curses

5 Spectacular Views of the Egyptian Pyramids

Transport yourself back in time to Ancient Egypt and take a virtual tour of the pyramids of Giza

Royal lives and love stories

The people pulling the strings back in the day

History's Most Beautiful Women

Answering the big questions about Queen Nefertiti

Who was Nefertiti's husband?
Plaster model of King Akhenaten (Thutmosis)

The curse of the child king

A tale of ancient secrets and modern tragedy

Meet the mummies

Get wrapped up in these stories of archeological discoveries

How long did the mummification process typically take?
70 days
Hieroglyphs and demotics are two scripts often found.

The journey into the afterlife

What the Ancient Egyptians believed happened after death

Unroll the scrolls

Explore the stories in the Book of the Dead

Inside the tombs

The stories buried for centuries

Ancient Egypt meets AI

Learn more about what technology teaches us about the past

What have you learnt?

Time to test yourself...and others!

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