Young Sensibility! Craft Design Star Products in 2020

Meet craftworks by emerging Korean artists with their fresh sensibility and experimental spirit

Conch Series by Jung HyejungKorea Craft & Design Foundation

The best way to appreciate Korean craft today is to observe the works by emerging artists. KCDF selects a number of craft design artists every year and provides various support for the mass production of their works.

ATTO by Jung EunjinKorea Craft & Design Foundation

Jung Eunjin, "ATTO"

Even with the same lacquer, the feeling of painting on the surface and the inside is different when working with glass, but the artist flexibly accepts these variables as the charm of the material.

Pep Button by Kang EunbiKorea Craft & Design Foundation

Kang Eunbi, "Pep Button"

The Pep Button series started from the memory of the artist picking up smooth stones over a long period of time on the beach and keeping them like pleasant totems—reminiscent of nature—by windows or desks.

The Tiger That Brings Blessings by 복사가게(최철용, 문미경)Korea Craft & Design Foundation

The Tiger That Brings Blessings

With the symbolism of blessings captured in traditional Korean patterns as its motif, a fabric series called The Tiger That Brings Blessings described tigers in a modern sense.

Ramie Brooms from Nature by Park JihyeKorea Craft & Design Foundation

Park Jihye, "Ramie Brooms from Nature"

The broom, handmade by weaving natural materials such as straw, sorghum, and bush clover, was a symbolic tool for gathering blessings and sweeping misfortune away in the past.

Children of Flowers Series by Park JungyeonKorea Craft & Design Foundation

Park Jungyeon, "Children of Flowers" series

During the Joseon Dynasty, embroidery artisans in the royal court’s workroom were called Hwaajang (“children of flowers”). The title of the Children of Flowers series was made based on that tradition.

White Porcelain That Loved Cocktails by Jun YeseulKorea Craft & Design Foundation

Jun Yeseul, "White Porcelain That Loved Cocktails"

Depending on the type of cocktail, different shapes of cups are used. Attracted by the forms of cocktail cups and a jigger, a measuring tool used to make cocktails, the artist completed small white porcelain cups in the form of miniature cocktail cups.

Paran Chilbo Items Series by ParanKorea Craft & Design Foundation

Paran, "Paran Chilbo Items" series

Chilbo is a traditional craft that mainly decorates metal objects or ornaments by applying melted glassy glaze powder, and it first appeared in gold jewelry during the Three Kingdoms Period (57 BC to 668 AD).

Plus Color by Lee YuriKorea Craft & Design Foundation

Lee Yuri, "Plus Color"

Among the various materials of ceramics, the artist is especially interested in glaze, and thought about a not-too-excessive decoration that could be a defining feature in the simple forms of cups.

Conch Series by Jung HyejungKorea Craft & Design Foundation

Jung Hyejung, "Conch" series

To make the Conch series ornaments, the artist imagined something that could capture the voice of one’s heart like a conch shell that delivers the sound of the sea. This series includes norigae (a traditional ornament) and brooches (a modern ornament).

Somoksobok by Kim Songyi, Kim KyunghoonKorea Craft & Design Foundation

Kim Songyi, Kim Kyunghoon, "Somoksobok"

Somoksobok is a craft brand that uses Korea’s unique mother-of-pearl technique called tabalbeop (a method of cracking shells by tapping them with a chisel to attach them to a flat surface) to inscribe various patterns in wood.

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