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Snowy Kukkiwon by 국기원Kukkiwon

Kukkiwon is the origin of Taekwondo. Then, how did it build? And, how does it look like today? After groundbreaking Ceremony during the cold winter in 1971, the Kukkiwon building was completed. Ever since, many accomplishments are everywhere in Kukkiwon.

Groundbreaking ceremony of Kukkiwon (1971) by 국기원Kukkiwon

November 19, 1971 groundbreaking ceremony signalled the start of Kukkiwon construction. Kukkiwon was able to be built where it is located now by getting donations from corporations and renting 6,900㎡ of city land in Yeoksam-dong Gangnam-gu.

Guests at the groundbreaking ceremony (1971) by 국기원Kukkiwon

December 7, 1971. Many had visited the land to attend groundbreaking ceremony. They were dropped at the entrance by bus, but had to walk unpaved road on the mountain.

New construction site of Kukkiwon (1971) by 국기원Kukkiwon

Construction was initiated with the scarce budgets, but helps with financial supports from everywhere. According to the Un Yong Kim, the first president of Kukkiwon, Lee Byung Chul Samsung CEO donated ₩3,000,000, Chung In Young Hyundae Engineering and Construction Co., Ltd Vice President donated ₩2,000,000, Poonghan paper manufacturer donated ₩2,000,000, and Daenong donated ₩2,000,000. In addition, it is recorded that Ssangyong cement Co., Incheon Steel Col., Hanglass Co., and Dongkwang Co., supplied constructive material, manufactured by their own factories.

The framework of Iljumoon, the main gate of Kukkiwon (1971) by 국기원Kukkiwon

Iljumun (One Pillar Gate) indicating one soul. When construction of Iljumun was initiated. Majestic Iljumun, the gateway of Kukkiwon, was standing at the entrance. Taekwondo practitioners were staring at the uncompleted Iljumun which only had frame.

The construction site of Kukkiwon before its completion (1972) by 국기원Kukkiwon

Kukkiwon building located at cleared and flattened hill in Yeoksam-dong. The outside of the external walls of the Kukkiwon came to finish and ready for completion of construction. Field around the building appeared to be desolated.

Past kukkiwon by 국기원Kukkiwon

While the building has not changed significantly, surroundings with bush and tree tell that many years have passed.

panorama of Kukkiwon (2010) by 국기원Kukkiwon

Kukkiwon is a building in modern style. However, if you look at the entire building, you will see Hanok which retains a traditional Korean style and sentiment. Kukkiwon is reminiscent of curved line of Korean traditional house including external round pillars and the roof that reminds of Hanok. It is characterized by emphasizing asian values such as covering the roof with Cheonggiwa and placing eight conical pillars, which indicate Bagua, on the floor.

View of kukkiwon by 국기원Kukkiwon

Front door of the Kukkiwon by 국기원Kukkiwon

1st World Taekwondo Championships monument (1973) by 국기원Kukkiwon

One year after opening Kukkiwon, monument was erected to commemorate foundation of World Taekwondo Federation and successful hosting of the 1st World Taekwondo Championships in May 1973. Some historical events were carved on the monument in English and Korean; "The 1st World Taekwondo Championships. May 25 ~ 27, 1973 A.D. Establishment of World Taekwondo Federation (WTF). May 28, 1973 A.D. World Taekwondo Federation (WTF) President Un Yong Kim."

Olympics adopted monument (1995) by 국기원Kukkiwon

Taekwondo became an official sport in the 2000 Sydney Olympics. After it was selected to be a demonstration sport in the 1988 Seoul Olympics, Taekwondo became an official a sport in 1994 and 2000. The monument was donated by Cheil Communications, one of Korea's largest advertising agency, for celebrating first anniversary of becoming an official sport. Both World Taekwondo Federation logo and the Olympic flag are on the monument.

Yungokjeong (1975) by 국기원Kukkiwon

Yoongok-Jung was named after Un Yong Kim's pen name which is Yoongok. He was the first president of Kukkiwon. The elegant and concrete Octagonal Pavilion, about 10 pyung (33㎡), is located between the wooded path in the Kukkiwon front yard. It was built by Jinro Incorporate in August 20, 1975.

Kukkiwon Memorial

Kukkiwon Memorial is a museum where exhibits approximately 2,500 exhibitions related to Taekwondo. If you come and visit this Memorial, you can enjoy seeing Taekwondo dobok and protector, as well as medals, trophies, photographs, newspaper articles, and video that are related to international competition.

kukkiwon arena

This meaningful place is where the World Taekwondo Championships had been held since Kukkiwon was established. Sizeable event such as Hanmadang has been held at this place. Moreover, it is used for screening or evaluating High Dan holder and educating future leaders.

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