I love self portraits but I think they look so much more interesting when the painter uses rounded lines and it isn't so clean cut.

This chose this because you can see the strokes and so many different colors are used with rounded strokes.
Van Gogh's self portrait uses very curved lines and beautiful blue tones.
This one is very strange looking to me and uses curved lines in the face and body of the self portrait.
Again her face and body are curved to show a usage of rounded lines.
This is very beautiful and has a roundedness to it which I think gives it depth.
Frida Kahlo's work is all very curved in the lines and makes it interesting.
His body takes up most of the self portrait which is unusual but the shoulders are curved.
Very curved and in the face and body, i also really like the textured background.
I chose this because i really like how curved the background is with the textured strokes.
This self portrait also uses curved lines in the body and face which is why I chose it.
I really like this one and it is all curved, the body, the face and the background. Even the figures in the background, it is a very cool way to use rounded lines.
The body is bigger in this one also and rounded.
This one is very rounded in the body but I really like the texture in the jacket also.
Her face and body are rounded and I think it looks beautiful.
This is another one that is all curved background an person, even though this is a self portrait she isn't the big part of the picture.
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