Safety in the City

In order to have a safe city, residents and urban planning must do their part. Urban planning must research and understand what works in cities. According to Jacobs, in order to keep the environment safe the community must have certain elements. For example, sidewalks are extremely important when regarding safety. "Streets and sidewalks, the main public places of a city, are its most vital organs(29)." If sidewalks are used continuously, it decreases the likelihood of someone being harmed. Also allowing children to utilize sidewalks are important. Jacob says well used public spaces are the best defense against criminals.Sidewalk volume times into the next point, Eyes on the Streets. Neighbor awareness and accountability are important in a successful community. Business owners contribute greatly to neighborhood accountability. Jacob says business owners keep the community safe because they value their customers. During this presentation I'll discuss safety more in depth.

Buildings should be facing the street so they people can observe what is going on. Also when a building is facing the street it encourages active building fronts. Ex: porches, shops and restaurants
"Nobody enjoys sitting on a stoop or looking out a window to an empty street. Almost nobody does such a thing. Large numbers of people entertain themselves by watching street activity." (pg 35)
"Must be eyes on the Streets, eyes belonging to those we might call natural proprietors" pg 35 Good building designs create windows for people to overlook their neighborhood to observe
Well used streets or public spaces are the best defense against potential criminals, Jane Jacobs 1961.
"Small businesses are are typically strong components of peace and order themselves; they hate broken windows and holdups; they hate having customers made nervous about safety" (pg 37)
"A well used city street is apt to be a safe street. A deserted city street is apt to be unsafe." (pg 34) Businesses/bars keep people constantly using the streets
"Strangers become an enormous asset on the street on which I lived, and the spurs of it, particularly at night when safety assets are most needed. We were fortunate enough to have a local bar."(pg 40)
"The value of bright lights for dispirited gray areas rises the reassurance they offer to some people who need to go out on the sidewalk, or would like to. (pg42)"
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