Save Horses

Good day to you fellow artiste! We are students of the De La Salle - College of Saint Benilde taking the course History of Art. In this gallery, we are going to voice out our concern and insights on a less discussed issue in art, animal abuse. Specifically, Horses. Sometimes we just see these beautiful and magnificent animals as decorative and unimportant without realizing that they are living things too and like us humans, they feel joy and pain also. We want to raise awareness that we should treat animals, not just horses, with respect and gentleness as we should treat our fellow humans, because we are all created by God.

This is where horses really belong. Their natural habitat. In the wild and unrestrained. Free to play and run as far as they could go. No one should be deprived of freedom. (LA Aguilar)
In my opinion, this is how the abuse of animals started. We started to use them for labor. In helping us do our daily jobs in the past. I think there's no problem in that but we need to take care of them and treat them with respect. (LA Aguilar)
As seen in the painting, this is not the natural habitat of horses. Maybe these horses were transported through sea to be used somewhere else. Clearly they are not calm because they were forced to do something unusual to them. (LA Aguilar)
This painting shows the cruelty of men to animals. Not only did men use horses for entertainment, horses were also slaughtered with no reason. (LA Aguilar)
In 1917 at the Battle of Passchendaele, men at the front understood that "at this stage to lose a horse was worse than losing a man because after all, men were replaceable while horses weren't." If there is war, expect dead horses too. (Gaceta, Jairus)
Crazy Horse was killed in custody for reasons which have been fiercely debated for more than a century. (Gaceta, Jairus)
Horses were killed in a bullfight entertainment. (Gaceta, Jairus)
These horses were frightened and i think that time (era) horses are greatly used and are taken care of. In this painting i think they were just used for inspiration which is kind of abusive because they were used in a little bit harsh way.(Elson Nerona)
The horse in the picture is carrying a pyramid of people that may weigh a ton for the horse. For me, they are abusing the horse for their fame and their fortune as well. In the first place, animals should not be applied to this kind of doing. (A. Escaner)
We all know there are tribes that still believes in ceremonies where they need to sacrifice something or someone. What I see here is the horse was used as a sacrifice which shows abuse to the animal. (A. Escaner)
Animal or "Horse" abuse is seen in this picture because people before and even until now use horses to carry heavy luggage that man can't carry and transfer to other places. Horses too feels and gets tired when they are overworked. (A. Escaner)
People tend to mistreat these endearing horses in such a way that they use horses as one of their battling buddy without even being bothered that there is a chance that they might not bear the hazard in a warfare. ( Krissel Gutlay)
The horror in the eyes of these horses is apparently discernible but still they try hard to engage battle and pay attention to the direction of their riders. (Krissel Gutlay) 
Animals should not be used for entertainment. In this picture it shows the horse entering the circus (as the title says) with its master to entertain people. (Elson Nerona)
Horses also know how to fight back their tears for them to conquer melancholy. (Krissel Gutlay)
Early settlers took advantage of their new found land by using every resource they could find, which includes horses. The life style they choose were very effective in terms of their survival, but it serves as a tragic end for native Americans and the natural wild horses of the land. (sevilla, rose)
Lion hunts are popular events for people of royal blood in Europe and Asia. These events were done to signify courage and power. Hunts like these were done on horse back with the help of specially bred dogs. Most hunts are unsuccessful and have tragic results on all parties. (sevilla, rose)
Horse racing has been a debatable subject for equestrian enthusiast and animal rights groups due to the treatment of the animal. Just like bull fighting, it's a clash between art and compassion. The controversial part of horse racing is the treatment these horses get when they're no longer needed in sport. (sevilla, rose)
Cavalries are group of soldiers rode on horses back. It means the picture in this painting are men readying for a fight or war. My opinion on this is that those people used the horses as a means of weapon or item for the war that makes them abused the rights of the horses to live. ( Elson Nerona)
Even though this picture depicts that the horse lost its footing because of very steep and narrow road they were taking, the results won't be change. The horse will still die. This shows that horses were used for war as an item and are always ready for sacrificial means which i think abused the right of the horse to live. ( Elson Nerona)
The picture shows that the horses are abused by horse racing and gambling. (Natalie F. Alvia)
This painting shows that the horses are not in their turf! They are not taken cared off and they look lost in a way. (Natalie F. Alvia)
In this painting you can see that there's a drunk man riding his horse...not in his self, don't know where to go to.. and it's a horse abuse because the man looks "pabaya" for himself and to the horse too (Natalie F. Alvia)
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