Musical genius

This gallery is to make those of us music lovers have this art do the same thing the music does to us. Music is one of the many things human beings use, but music does something a lot of people are unaware of. Music triggers a persons emotions. Whatever song you listen to makes you feel a certain way, which makes you like a song. In the sense, that makes music art, but can visual art give us the same triggers? 

This image to me depicts patience. From the texture of the water near the small boat, it doesn't look like the boy on the boat is having much luck as he sits and waits for a fish to bite. I get from this picture the song Row Your Boat. It gives me the feeling that sometimes waiting isn't always bad. It tells me that maybe patience is key.
This image depicts a visual aspect of music. I feel it says to make music fun and timeless. The many different patterns with their distinct color makes the image pop that much more and brings a vibrance to the piece. Makes me as an engineer want to really include play in my work more than I do now.
This image depicts that there is more than what meets the eye. I get from this picture that I must look beyond what I see. The color in this piece is very detailed and well balanced. When it comes to music the things that are not talked about and/or heard, just may be what is needed to make what is stand out.
This image depicts all the paths in the world a man can take. Though these paths go in different directions and lead you different places, you're bound to find your own way. The spatial perspective and contrast speaks volumes. It brings out dimensions in the piece. This piece makes me feel like I can go anywhere and still do what I love.
This image here depicts timelessness. The spatial perspective had all the advantage in this artwork. I can say that from this image I take that a sound that take a person out of this world can be considered timeless. Being timeless meaning it never gets old and can always set things right.
This image depicts someones vision from 1st person perspective. I take from this piece a need for focus. Looking at the image made me want to focus more on the image to make it look normal, but thats the point. When it comes to music, I need to focus. No matter what obstacles are thrown my way, I need to maintain focus.
This image depicts what society is today, followers. I take from this that all people want to do is take things from everyone else and make it their own. Originality lacks in today's society. In relation to music, I get from this to be original. Take what you want from the people you admire, but make it your own and make it a new.
This image depicts freedom to me. I see a young boy playing an instrument with no care in the world. The piece shows the true child still in the artist as well. The color scheme and movement is something that attracted me to the piece. It brought childhood memories to mind.
This image depicts multiplication. I see that the movement is the art. The insects start as one and multiply to become one. In relations to music, unity is the key to getting things done in a timely manner with understanding. Though we are divided, if we come together, we multiply.
This image depicts the truth to me. What caught my eye the most was the color. Many people are very unaware that the blood in our bodies is really blue, but only becomes red when it hits oxygen. In other words, when there's an open wound. In relation to music, some of the darkest and most realist truths are set in music.
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