Evolution of Art

See how art has changed from back from prehistoric time up until now from different cultures and art styles.

The Eland main panel shows figure that is shaped like a human running. the figure was drawn on rocks. this represents my theme as one of the first know pieces of art.
This coffin harbors a person from a higher class living in Egypt. The face of the coffin is made of gold and shows good craftsmanship. The Egyptians saw death as a celebrative event.
The Pancha Raksha is one of the five protectors in early asian arts. It is made of gold and has many embroideries. The Pancha Raksha is also well known in Japan as well as the Himalayas.
The statue of Aphrodite is made from bronze and was made during the first half of the B.C. era. Aphrodite is known as the greek goddess of love. The dress and tiara are heavily detail and shows off sense of fashion.
The Qur'an made in the 17th century is was part of Islamic art. This manuscript was decorated with flowers and in the middle was their was language. The mediums were ink, watercolor and gold on silk paper.
This sculpture was made in 1910/14 by Olowe of Ise; Yoruba: Ikere, Ekiti region, Nigeria. In front is the king and with a closer look he has jewelry present on him and behind him is his senior wife. The sculpture is made of wood and gives the Nigerians a unique body.
The Starry Night by Vincent van Gogh was made in 1889. The painting showed off a palette of very dark colors with the exception of yellow. The atmosphere the painting bring is calm despite the fire and the repetition of lines makes the painting an eye full.
This graffiti art named Untitled was made by HIGHRAFF. It has many shapes and screams of light colors and emotion. Though it by be frowned upon, graffiti can be considered art as well.
This street art named Digital Vision was made in the Philippines. This abstract painting takes form of a human face which looks like bullet holes are on his left side while brighter colors are on his right.
This wall art is from the Mural Millerntor Gallery and was started in Aug 2014 and took till Jun 2015. The medium was spray paint and has a humorous yet slightly disturbing feel. The dimensions for this are 6.0 x 3.0m.
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