This exhibation mainly capture men and women of sorrow. Sorrow among people in different situation in life and the time of christ. Each piece has its on release of sorrow. The eight pieces i have choosen for my art exhibition shows you how sorrow effects everyone.    

This painting is in the Iziko Museum in Cape Town. It was created in 1972. The art was done on crayon and charcaol paper and its a drawing as well. The reason i added this art to my collects of Sorrow it shows a man in sorrow as the river run underground. When i seen this piece i imagine the way the water flows underground.
Separation is the name of this painting by Edvard Munch.In this painting from 1896 we see a young woman looking out to the sea. Her hair is long and represent the ties they have together. But looking at the piece it looks as she walking away from him. The reason i pick this piece for my collection it shows sorrow from the man as the woman walks away from his life and his heart is bleeding with sorrow.
Man of Sorrow is from the 1500 by Albrecht Durer. This piece of art is in the Houston Museum of Fine Arts. Also the painting in engrave on laid paper. The reason i pick this piece for my collection it show the christian side of sorrow as you can see the people on there knees looking up at the body with the marks of jesus christ.
The Study of the Lamentation on the Dead Christ is a painting of sorrow. This painting in from the late 1700's by Benjamin West and can be viewed at the Yale Center for British Art. The reason i picked this piece of sorrow was the pictue of christ as everyone embrace him at his time of death before the resurrection on the third day.
Ashes in another one of Munch painting from 1925. In this painting the young couple are in unhappy with each other. The man has his head cover as seen in sorrow about something. The woman stand behide him with hand above her head symbolizing her feelings with the situation. This reason picked this painting for my collection it shows sorrow among a two people. The colors they have on in this painting symbolize different feelings black mean sorrow or death. In which the woamn have on white and gives of passion and love.
The Self-Portrait painting was done in the late 1600's by Rembrandt Harmensz and is apart of the frank collection. In this painting you can see the mans face which is deepen by time and sorrow. This is reason i picked this piece to be apart my collection of sorrow.
The Man of Sorrows In the arms of the Virgin was created in the late 1700's by Hans Memling and can be viewed at the National Gallery of Victoria. This painting shows the representation of Christ as an image of pity and sorrow. This painting was pick for this collection because it shows him cradled in the arms of his grieving mother in sorrow.
This painting of a repentant Mary Magdalene lifting her face up to the sky asking for forgiveness from Christ. During this time when Catholism was not favored. This painting was done in the late 1500 by Titian Vecellio and place at the J. Paul Getty Museum. The reason i pick this painting for my collection, Mary as we know had been through alot of sorrow as a woman but in the end she repentant to the only person who could save her in her time of sorrow.
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