Weapons Up In THe "Patriotic War"

This collection includes a variety of pictures of weapons that were used during the "Patriotic War" along with guns that were personally owned by high ranking officials during the war. Each picture will have information about the history of the gun.

In this picture is a A 7.62-mm PPSh-41. A gun you could say played a very big role in the war. During the entire war, the Soviet Weapons Industry supplied the army with 5.4 million of the PPSh-41. The good and simple design of it made it easy to make many of them in the USSR factories.
In this picture to the left is a old 7.92-mm Mkb.42 Submachine Gun which was created in 1938. The gun uses a Mkb.42 Automatic carbine that uses a 7.92mm intermediate cartridge with a Magazine capacity of 30 rounds..
This interesting gun is a 7.63-mm MauserPistol. Cool fact about it is that it was once the personal weapon of Admiral of the Soviet Union Fleet " Sergey Georgiyevich Gorshkov a man who worked his way up and later became the commander of a destroyer.
This beautiful handgun is a A 7.62-mm 1933 TT pistol created during the war when the Soviet Union had to come up with a pistol that was self loading pistol. Created by one of the oldest gun makers. When accepting this pistol it became the Red Army;s first state of the art powerful and reliable handgun.
This is a 9-mm Borchardt-Luger Parabellum (P.08) pistol was once the prsonal gun of Marshal of the Soviet Unio "Viktor Georgiyevich Kulikov" who is is responsible for offensive operations like "Riga". Who rose to ranks of commander to the Chief of General staff after the war.
This 7.62-mm 1895 Nagant revolver was once high in demand as a hand gun during the patriotic war. Through the years of 1932 - 1945 the Red Army had received over 1.07 million of these revolvers.
This A 7.62-mm Degtyaryov machine gun was created in 1927. And was considered to be the Chief Automatic Fire support weapon in the Red Army's infantry platoon. However only about 700,000 were made. They considered it an advantage because of its very simple design.
This 7.62-mm 1940 Tokarev (SVT-40) rifle began to be used in February of 1939 in order to get rid of the AVS-36 Simonov automatic rifles they considered to be non- fuctioning and ineffective. This gun would commonly be seen being used in both regular and sniper versions.
This dope piece is a 50 -mm grenade launcher. It was developed based on the 7.62-mm 1891/30 rifle on commission of the NKVD. Mainly for all the Guerilla Units in Belarus.
This 7.92-mm ČZ-30 is a pretty cool aircraft machine gun that was designed based on a gun by other designers of the Prague Weapon Factory, Frantisek Skita, Adolph Skyora and Vaclav Siebar. It was being produced at the Ceska Zabrojvka factory in Bmo.
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