The Feelings of Cool Colors

by Christopher Sciove

Utagawa Hiroshige's art always captures my eye his use of cool colors make up key points in his art and he makes beautiful landscapes.
The use of cool colors on top of the white tiles make more beautiful highlights in this art piece.
This being more of a sketch to me with a tint of color that reminds me of a surgeon coat going with the scenario.
The blue's in this abstract piece bring about the feelings of curiosity to me.
We all know this piece of art by Van Gogh this is one of my favorite pieces by Van Gogh because for some reason it makes me feel calm and at home.
This painting is beautiful and even though the water lilies don't have much detail the color and how they were painted makes then look wonderful in this calm pond
This piece of art bring me a bit of confusion but the collision of these colors make this art piece interesting even though it's simplistic.
In this piece of art I love the layers in the sky and the different themes of the land from rural to urban.
This piece amazes me because of the amount of detail and how clear the painting looks even though it's simple and blotchy.
This piece makes me think because there are many different ways you can look at this photo seeing different faces each time.
Very dark but interesting, I love how theres so much detail and the meaning that I receive from it. The bit of light that is always in the dark.
This piece combines my two favorite things to draw myself the plants and a dark theme with the x-rays. I haven't seen a piece like this before but it brings me the feeling of being broken.
Simple yet beautiful this piece of art refers to the Northern Lights. Being very vivid and colorful in the blue sky makes me feel calm.
This piece has wonderful value in the blue's and once again I feel calm while looking at this "Seascape."
Also titled "Starry Night" like Van Gogh's piece but this one gave me a very different feeling because of the darker color and scenery I get the feeling of quite and loneliness.
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