The Color blue and its many personalities

The color blue is arguably one of the most important colors in life. It describes so much about our world, our surroundings, and most importantly, ourselves. Have you ever showed your friend a picture of water and said, "Look how cool and blue it looks," or maybe you said to a friend that they looked blue? I'm sure almost everyone has in one way or another associated the color blue with a baby boy. Blue describes so much around us that's actually amazing how many different "personalities" it really has. 

I thought this was a good piece to start with because, obviously, it's blue. It shows a handful of things we associate with blue, such as rain, diamonds, waves, and technology.
This is a good piece for the color blue because the sky is one things that we always pair with the color. "The sky looks so blue," is a statement that almost everyone has said at one point.
But we don't have to generalize blue with things. Although we can list many things that are associated with he color blue, we can list the feelings that the color gives us. Blue is an emotion.
These two pieces by Georgia O'Keeffe are excellent examples because you can not name an object in the picture. The only thing you really see in these paintings is just pure emotion.
There's also the idea that blue is a base color. When looking at this piece, any other color for the background would've taken away from this piece. Blue is passive and works with almost everything.
Blue is often seen as cool, and refreshing, like this picture by the water. When I saw this, it was like I could feel the cool air on me, and I felt refreshed.
Blue can also be dark. It can represent sadness, death, sickness, or discomfort. Looking at this piece I feel a discomforting chill, because the color used for the graveyard is showing a sad emotion.
Blue can show pain. The contrast with red really wraps your head around what the artist must've been feeling at the time. The shades of blue, and the depth, show just raw emotion behind this piece.
Blue can also show order. I love this picture of the gallery with blue paintings. It looks very well put together, clean and simple. Imagine this with red, and how your emotion would change.
This dish is a good example of blue being clean and orderly. The blue just fits with the design of the dish. Once again, try imagining red or purple instead and it just doesn't look as pristine.
This piece is a good example of how blue can look grungy. Mixed with greens or a little brown, the color blue no longer looks cool and clean. It looks old and worn and used.
The blue in this piece shows class, almost innocence. The fabric looks light and airy and the ribbon in the girl's hair makes her look childlike.
Blue can show cold. The blue tones in the snow in this painting really put you in the scene and you can feel the cold because of the colors. It even fades to blue in the background.
The blue sky in this painting shows the feeling of the hot sky on a summer day. It shows warmth, and with the whites and the yellows, you can feel the sun on your shoulders when you look at this.
This piece brings blue to the extreme. A blue hot flame. Its cool to look at since blue is not thought of as hot. The shades of blue in the flame are amazing and the color at the end helps show heat.
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