Universidad Pública de Navarra

Universidad Pública de Navarra
Pamplona, Spain

Public University of Navarre: Artistic Heritage Collection

The Public University of Navarre has three campuses: two in Pamplona and one in Tudela. Together with the Universities of Zaragoza, Lleida and La Rioja, it belongs to an International Campus of Excellence: The Campus Iberus, a program that surely has a great future before it. In 2012, the Campus Iberus went into a broader alliance: The Transboundary Campus of EBRos Western Pyrenees, along with the Universities of Toulouse and Pau (France).
Despite its recent creation in 1987, the Public University of Navarre has a very clear mission: to contribute to society’s progress through the creation and transmission of knowledge and the promotion of culture, facilitating the integral development of its members. In keeping with this mission, we believe that the university community should enmesh itself in the Arts and in Culture so that it may know, cultivate and value them. The main campus of the University was designed and built by one of the most distinguished 20th century-Spanish architects, Francisco Javier Saiz de Oiza (1918-2000), who was always devoted to teaching and creation. The scenery itself is already a work of art.
Since 1990, when the University received a donation of a drawing by Rafael Alberti, it has acquired an interesting collection of works of sculpture, painting, drawing, engraving, serigraphy and photography. It has focused on contemporary Spanish artists, and it has displayed a special interest for our cultural surroundings. The collection consists of more than a hundred works on display in offices, meeting rooms, open spaces and cafeterias.
The University also holds temporary exhibits that place on display the art of young artists who bring to our halls their most recent work.
In this way, the University is transforming itself into a large, open museum, accessible to everybody in Navarre, and from now on with an open window to the rest of the world.

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