The Schmitz Art Museum of Horses

My art museum theme is to show different aspects and views of horse oil paintings. There are six that share common qualities and the last piece is a counter-example. Each piece has been chosen because it has an affect on me and are pieces that I am attracted too. I have a pattern of two horses to a painting to show horses require companionship. I also tried to show horses can be elegant, caring, useful, playful, and powerful. The painting of the old horse with bones showing through its skin is not a usual sight when people see horses, and creates a realization that horses will grow old and die just like everything else. I hope as you view these paintings up close you will learn to love the beauty in horses the same way I do.

This oil painting of two very elegant horses as it was made during the Rococo period. The white horse balances the dark area it is contained in and the light blue area balances the dark area and really demonstrates the beauty of horses.
This oil painting is from Beijing and shows the difference of technique between European art. This shows how horses are very affectionate, and rely on each other. He also did a fine job of balancing.
This was a favorite of mine because the dog is the horse's companion. The lighting of this is also different as stables are not a bright place, but shady and dusty. The muscles are also very defining.
This painting was chosen as two horses again, they are all white and in a rigid form. The proportion of the two horses to the cottage is also good. The harnesses on horses shows they have purpose.
These two horses are in motion and they are more smoothly shaped and not as rigid. There motion is playful and romantic as it was made during the Romantic movement. Shows also horses can be excited by storms.
This painting is very powerful as the horses muscles are very defined. Also the horses are in motion as they leave the sea. The grey background creates a cool and damp feeling. The attached video shows how to paint horses and what ideas go into painting with oil.
This horse is old and it is very sad sickly looking. When artists paint horses they don't make them look weak and pathetic. The bluish white background creates a sad and gloomy feeling around the horse.
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