Looking at the worlds art through the timeless and universal tones of black and white.

This unique piece is an acrylic painting on 100 different canvases joined together. each canvas is cover with the hand prints of the artist mirroring the aborigine act of mark ownership of the land. The black and white calamity in the center of the piece shows the tension between aborigines and non-aborigines in Australia.
This oil painting by El Greco is a mythological masterpiece. Although their is color in the surrounding background the pale white distorted figures being killed by serpents draw the viewers eye into an uneasy beauty.
The chalk work on buff paper is limited to black, white and red chalk. The model is drawn out so eloquently that the viewer may not see that is is actually unfinished and is missing the left leg and the place where the model is seated.
Now considered one of the most expressive photographers Ohara's photo "Morning cloud" is just one out of 18,000 black and white photos int the Brazillian artists collection. This photo takes the joy and limitless possibilities of childhood in the limited color scheme.
The shadows used in Bartolomeo's chalk study of a Parisian Woman Kneeling in prayer are breathtaking. The scaling used on this brown paper was used to make for an easier transfer to canvas.
The fun and bubbly piece bring s flat object to life. When one thinks of American Pop Art you may think of vibrant color but instead Lichtenstein uses graphic techniques to create a cartoon like movement.
The print created from tone block worked with a drawknife is the product of this original process. the shadows created from Ruperts print show the detail in the transition between jet balk to bright white paper.
The French ink drawing on brown paper has a grey wish and a black border. The drawing shows the relief and pride the dogs have after a long hunt. The boars head in the shadows is the prize for the dogs.
Egyptian sculpture in limestone date to 1998 BC. The white gowns and ornate jewelry show a royal and luxurious occasion. The white paint on the circular beads on the the heads of the people portrayed are suggested to show silver.
This religious legend displayed on a Lisbon wall shows a colorful story of supernatural rescue. The lizard sent by a saint caves the sleeping man from the serpent. Brilha uses black lines and patterns to create intricate texture on the piece.
Xinbo woodcut print depicts the dramatic and overwhelming experiences of a man struggling to make ends meet. The comic artist turned woodcut expert is able to take life experiences and recreate them with meticulous and masterful techniques.
Pompeo's Italian chalk work on blue paper is of a nude model from one of his classes. The muscle tone cause by the tension in climbing the ladder is drawn out with perfectly placed shadows.
The captivating charcoal scene uses white fringed shadows on the curtains and light coming from the table lamp. The highlights on the fire are so realistic and just draws the viewer ingot he cozy environment.
One of Muybridge influential photos Animal Locomotion, Plate 74 shows the natural posture and motion of a man walking on an incline. the black an white photos are images taken from innovative experiments on motion.
Mapplethrope took a seemingly ordinary flower and turned it into to a provocative and exotic work of art. The white flower and shadowed petals matched against the jet black background shows is impactful and provocative.
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