As I have great difficulty creating hands in artwork, I thought it might be interesting to explore how other artists are able to create hands in their work.

This early cave drawing shows a very primitive hand, one without much detail or shadows.
Michelangelo shows the strength of hands in his sketch using shadows to create muscles in the hands. Medium: charcoal and paper
This fisted hand implies restrained violence. The detailed fingernails are especially impressive. medium: charcoal
These hands are not true to form but their fluidity makes them beautiful. medium: glass
This is contorted unnaturally but is raised in almost benediction.
This photograph of a hand represents strength. The veins are protruding and the muscles are clenched. medium: photograph
This hand is also an example of strength and athleticism. Medium: stone
This sculpture represents the hand of God and it is holding a collection of humans without visible exertion. medium: plaster
This photograph of the gnarled hands playing pianos caught my interest because the reflection of the hands shows both sides of the hands while they are in motion. medium: photograph
This photograph of a young girl's hands employs shadows to highlight their smoothness. medium: photograph
This sculpture shows hands cupped outwards, with details focusing on the lines of the palm of the hand. medium: plaster of paris
This hand is kind of creepy and reminds me of the Adams Family. The bent fingers indicate movement, but there is not much detail, leaving this piece looking not quite alive.medium: plaster
This sculpture of hands clasped together show the movement of the hands and has amazing detail, showing the veins on both the hands. medium: plaster
Here the artist uses a minimalist approach to hands, merely drawing their outline cupped at the top of the piece. medium: chalk pastel
Another minimalist hand, but interestingly the drawing is named after the least detailed appendage in the drawing. medium: chalk pastel
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