math applications

This gallery is for secondary visual art students and is intended to show the important relationship between math and art. The use of perspective, symmetry, fractions, tessellations, grids, proportion, pattern rotation, shape, and the golden rule are displayed. The use of math brings a unique perspective to art.

This painting is an example of the relationship between shapes in everyday objects. 
The use of lines, shapes, and colors creates a pattern throughout this piece.
Grids are often used in art to help with proportion.  This piece demonstrates the use of an unconventional grid as well as lack of proportion.
This work simply shows the use of fractions in art.
This is a great example of the use of rotation, symmetry, and tessellations. 
This is another example of the use of a grid, forming perfect squares. The use of symmetry is also used.
Tessellations and changing colors creates unique pattern in this piece.
Proportion is important in art.  This is an example of a disproportional figure, which is often used in non-realistic artworks. 
This is a wonderful example of linear perspective.
This is an example of the golden star, which is a type of the golden ratio used to create balance and correct proportion.
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