Architecture in Perspective

Architecture fictional and otherwise from different perspectives. This gallery shows how perspective can make a picture or painting of a grand structure or city come to life.

Fort Worth from this perspective appears to go on forever.
Arches within arches. Architecture can be efficient and beautiful
these different pictures spliced together make it seem as if you are looking in a mirror and seeing several different perspectives at once.
the view from the bridge shows how much of the city revolves around the canal in Milan
The view of the beautiful palace from just outside the entrance makes me really want to be able to walk through the entrance and see the palace in all of it beauty
The Ideal city is very interesting to me it is very logical and clean, but where are all the people.
Do all roads lead to the same place?
the colors in this piece are fantastic. It is only when you see them lit in the hallway you really appreciate them.
You really get the feeling that you are standing at the edge of the cathedral and are frozen in time looking up in amazement and wondering how men could have made something so grand.
Salonica is put in perspective from this picture. it also makes you think about war and destruction of architecture when cities are attacked.
As grand as our architecture may seem mountains are still much more grand when seen from the proper perspective.
architecture is alway more beautiful while near water during a sunset. I noticed this painting because of how spectacular the reflection of the buildings appear in the water.
the sunset lights up this cathedral giving it a holy feeling. A bronze cathedral on bronze sand in front of a golden sunset.
Another beautiful city by the water during a sunset that I would love to visit. This is a fantastic example of perspective the painter picked a place that showed the entire bay and captured it.
The Pantheon lit and it's beauty illuminated
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