The Wonderful Places you will travel to and go

Looking at some the most significant place of the world by painting.

Frederick Hassam painted this photo in 1900 he wanted to capture an image of New York snowy modern day. This painting was paint on an oil canvas.
The music with this photo show you how busy the industrial factory where back in the early 1900's
Robert Duncanson was an African American painter from Cincinnati Ohio who rose to fame in the late 1850’s. During the summer of 1850-1852 he travel from Cincinnati into more rural mountainous rural areas to sketch the Ohio River Valley. During this travel he would come across City of Asheville and the Blue Ridge Mountains to inspire him to paint this scene of Asheville.
Joseph Stella was showing that the Brooklyn Bride in the painting is one of the major sites that bring tourist to the town and eventually makes tourist become resident to this town. Due to the many sites that New York has to offer in the early 1920’s from the skyscrapers and industrial factory building
This painting by Chesley Bonstell was an oil painting on a poster board; this painting illuminated nighttime view and nightlife of Central building in New York City on Park Avenue. Which happens to be one my personal favorites hanging up in my office.
This is a paining that I found that caught my attention due to snowy and country style scene. After doing my research I found out that it was painted by George Henry Durrie who live in New Haven Connecticut. Doing his tenure he would go from the north to the south to paint rural area scene.
Canaletto Giovanni Antonio Canal paint this painting in 1750 he captures three areas of Venice Italy. In these three areas he paints: the Rialto Bridge, the church if San Giorgio Maggiore, and the entrance to the Grand Canal.
In this painting Lovell Harrison is showing a quiet evening in 1888. You can see the cars on the bridge heading to their destination and the boats heading back into shore.
This painting is by Michel Delacroix, it was painted in 1995 he was trying to show and express a view of uptown Atlanta Georgia. The colors he used in this painting show that Atlanta Georgia is full of pop, good times, and heavy movement. He also shows in this painting the heavy activity this town will attract in the near future especially announcing that this city will host the 1996 Olympics.
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