Impressionism: Capturing the Moment

The theme/movement that i chose was Impressionism because it was a creative way of capturing a moment in time through paintings by use of light and color .The artists would start painting out in the open, rather than in a studio. By doing this, they could capture the image as they originally seen it.  All of these images within the gallery offer a realistic view of what would be seen, at a glimpse, from the human eye. All of these images connect because they capture the moment; whether it be working, socializing, or just beauty itself. By use of vivid colors and experimentation of light, impressionists created realistic images with a technique that was unique to its time period, but could also be seen as profound to some critics. The brush strokes seen within the image show that these images are original, and focus on capturing the moment itself, rather than the painting. I believe all these impressionist paintings helped develop modern art because the impressionist movement itself was criticized at first. But, it was later accepted for its unique style, which artists used and modified to create artworks in the future. 

The color of the sea, in combination with lights and darks allow for the image to stand out more. The use of light allows the viewer to approximate the time of day in which they are viewing it.
The brush strokes within this image, allow the colors to blend within the sea. By doing this, Monet is allowing us to see a realistic view of the sea; as if the viewer were there.
Cezanne gives the viewer a perspective of walking down a dirt road. The brush strokes allow the viewer to determine small details around the artwork without focusing too much on them.
This artwork allows the viewer to see the blending of colors. Along with the use of light, the viewer can connect to the painting as if they were there working as well.
This images leans more toward realism, but the use of light has a touch of impressionism within the artwork. By using the moon, it creates shadows throughout the artwork as seen in impressionist works
In this image, pissarro depicts two people talking. By mixing the colors in the background with brush strokes, it allows for the viewer to focus more on the two persons talking to one another.
The use of light creates silhouettes throughout the image, which allow the viewer to distinguish everything in the artwork. Even though there isn't alot of detail, the viewer can interpret what it is.
By blending and separating colors, the artist uses specific brush strokes, as well as lighting, to show detail throughout the artwork without using lines to create depth.
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