Wassily's Abstractions

My gallery consists of eight works by,or in collaboraton with Wassily Kandinsky. Kandinsky's work is widely considered abstract and he is often considered on of the pioneers of modern abstract art. My exhibition attempts to truly define the emotion that Kandinsky portrays in his creations by digging deep into his use of color, line, tone, the uses of various shapes, patterns and textures.

Kandinksy's use of space in this work creates an almost aesthetically pleasing effect in accordance wit the shapes and neutral background he selected. All of these elements make the piece feel whole.
This piece invokes an emotion of panic almost. Kandinsky uses line and texture in accordance with the selected color scheme keeps the viewer almost in a frantic state with its many focal points.
The beauty of abstract art is its ability to invoke different emotions within the viewer, or even portray real life objects from a different perspective. This piece almost could be a sailing ship.
Kandinky's use of contrasting colors along with large splotches of black and green create a very vibrant tone, all of these properties combined contribute to a more uplifting and high energy piece.
The resonating black spot in this piece creates a very eerie mood. Along with the spacing, contrasting colors, and shapes Kandinsky creates a kind of retro-esque emotion to this painting.
Kandinsky's use of texture really stands out in this painting. The foreground almost seems cartoony in contrast to the very rustic background, which add life to the "dull" colored background.
The contrasting colors Kandinsky uses in this piece adds fullness. This painting was chosen for its calming, yet frantic nature.
This piece stuck out to me in the Google Art Gallery, as I have yet to see a strictly black and white work by Kandinsky. The lines, shading, and pattern used in this piece add a wholesome feel.
Credits: All media
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