White mountains in nature 

This gallery contains paintings of mountains, either mountains painted in black and white to paintings that contain color that are white mountains. From snowy mountain tops to black and white paintings these paintings in this gallery range from the year 1550 to 1996. A majority of the paintings have Asian background by way of the artist yet still are all very unique in styles.

Created in the 16th century in Japan these 2 hanging scrolls were originally set into lacquered wood frames to serve as sliding doors in an upper-class residence or Buddhist temple. Artist unknown
Men and women are working in the forefront of this painting with a mountain in the background that seems to be miles into the distance. The artist painted the mountain peak white snow capped peak.
This foggy forest area was painted on an hanging silk scrolls. This Japanese style painting was painted with great detail in all aspects. From the detail in the trees to the fine lines in the white mountain tops peaking through the fog.
This mountain range is engulfed in fog. Painted as if it is far in the distance there is not much detail in the trees on the mountains. The artist painted the scene from and angle to make mount Fuji(the white mountain in the rear) appear as if it is looking down on the rest of the mountains.
Tall mountain peaks is the key aspect the artist was attempting to showcase in this painting. With a very small house at the bottom of the painting, the artist shows how massive the mountain peaks are.
This beautiful painting of Mount Fuji in the clouds appears as if the sun is shinning on the snow capped mountain peak. With thick white clouds it is difficult to tell if the dragon is its on entity or a mixture of the clouds and the mountain.
The artist of this painting put great detail in the brush strokes the this snowy mountain. It appears as if the view is close to the mountain, like the painting is putting you on the peak of the mountain.
This dark mountain is covered in snow scattered along the mountain. In what appears to be a very cold and snow area 2 men stand in the painting with 2 planes in front of them.
This Japanese style painting of a mountain in the background of a winter painting. In the forefront of the painting there is a man that is walking with a horse of mule. Just behind him you can see a village with little detail giving perspective on how far the man is from the mountain.
With a few trees in the forefront on the left of this painting and men to the right walking towards a village in the snowy terrain. There is a massive white mountain behind the village that makes up a majority of the background.
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