dancing through the ages- Angelina Hanson

This gallery will cover how the artist captured the spirited freedom that is felt with dancing, covering many eras and cultures we will see that dance has been an important part of human evolution.  Creating movement in the stillness of life.

This piece of art displays moths circling around a dancing flame. The use of color and movement in the body of the flame creates the illusion of a flame dancing with the moths.
This marble sculpture displays a man and woman dancing. The artist captured the longing looks in the subjects eyes by the angels of the heads, as well as the distance between the upper body.
The Dancing Figure carved out stone, captures the joy of dancing, displaying the distribution of weight from the leg onto the knee and balanced throughout the body.
This drawing of ballet dancers uses crosshatching to create depth and negative space around the dancers. The artist also used positive and negative space in the body of the dancers creating movement.
This water color painting of a woman dancing captures the look of effortless movement most dancer embody when dancing. the use of negative space enhances the look of effortless.
This pencil drawn picture of a young dancer, uses great balance of shades creating texture and depth to the photo. A great embody of a dancer at rest.
This pastel colored daring uses both crosshatching and strong lines to capture the true essence of grace in movement. The choice of color also emphasize the reach of her arm and the arch in her back.
This Lukina painting captures the perfect form of dance. You can almost hear the sound of the drum being played by the man, as the woman dances. The artist used great detail in the dancers attire.
The dancing fox, once again uses the negative space around the fox to create a sense of effortlessness in the dancer. They used balance with the fade of the background.
This life like Pierre painting tells a story of love and romance with the softness of the texture of the painting. The artist used rich colors to bring the two people to life.
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