Friendship in Mosaic

There are many kinds of relationship between people, such as parents and children, couples, employers and employees. Friendship is one of the most comment relationships between people, and also one of the most important one. Everyone has friends and everyone needs friends. Sometimes friends are someone similar with us, and we will have similar interests or similar experiences, so that we can share ideas and stories with each other. Sometimes friends are different with us, but we also can exchange hobbies and teach each other new things. We cannot live without friends. When we are facing difficulties but our families are far from us, friends will be the one can help us. Friends are the person we can cry together and we also can laugh together. Friendship also has always been showed on literatures. It is one of the main themes in The Epic and Gilgamesh and The Left Hand of Darkness, it also has a position in Civilization and Its Discontents, An Ideal Husband and The Trials of Socrates.

The painting reflex the scene that two man are starting a journey, connect to Gilgamesh and Enkidu began their journey to kill Humbaba. The Epic of Gilgamesh, tablet III, II260-II30.
The painting connects to the scene that Gilgamesh and Enkidu planned how to kill Humbaba, because the painting shows that two man are talking to each other. Epic of Gilgamesh, Tablet IV, IV205-IV260.
The painting connect to Enkidu's funeral, while Gilgamesh was really sad. In this photo, the person was seems also really sad on friend's funeral. Gilgamesh Tablet VIII, VIII5-VIII72.
This photo shows the relationship in a group of people, connect to Fraud's idea in Civilization and Discontents that we are social animal and we need friends. chapter 3 page 71
The painting connect to the scene when Estraven dead for protecting Ai, and Ai was by his side, because this painting shows someone really depressing. Left Hand of Darkness, chapter 19, page 305,
This painting shows the scene when Ai first met Lord Estraven after the parade, because there are a Lord like person and a civilian like person. Chapter one, page 12 -22.
This painting reflects the scene that Estraven and Ai trying to cross the forest after Estraven rescued Ai from the farm. The Left Hand of Darkness, chapter 14, page 205 - 208
This picture reflects the scene that Ai went to Estraven's hometown to meet Estraven's family, and Estraven's family was welcoming him. The Left Hand of Darkness, Chapter 20, page 319-323,
This painting reflex the scene that Ai finally met his partners from earth and they were really happen to see Ai again, people were happily talking to each other. Chapter 20, page 308-309.
This painting reflex the scene that Socrates was asking questions to Euthyphro, especially the facial expression is the same facial expression as I think Euthyphro will had. Chapter Euthyphro
The painting reflex the scene that when Socrates came to Euthyphro and talked with him, because at first Euthyphro seemed like curious and welcoming. The Trails of Socrates, Chapter Euthyphro, page 3.
This painting connects to the scene in An Ideal Husband that some woman were talking to each other about man and gossips on the party. An Ideal Husband, Act I, page 2-3.
This painting connects to the scene in An Ideal Husband that people were in the party, and talking to their friends about what happened recently. An Ideal Husband, Act I, page 2-6.
This painting connects to the scene that Mrs. Chiltern was talking with her most trust friends, Lord Goring, about how she should do to make up her with her husband. Act IV, page 69-70.
The painting connect to the scene when Lady Chiltern first know what her husband down in the past, she was so disappointed and tried to find some comfort from her friend, Lord Goring. Act III page 61.
This painting represent the friendship between human and people, connect to Laozi’s idea “People model themselves on the earth … The way models itself on what is natural.” Chapter 25, page 25.
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