Dance Hall

My art gallery is about the expression of music and dance. I choses this theme because I love the concept of synesthesia and the thought of how you can see music by color. Music and dancing are my passion and seeing it as art only expressed this art even more.

This picture is created by Ham Myung Su and fit the theme of my gallery because the wave of the environment represent sound wave moving through the city. How the picture use vibrant colors to display the living feeling of music.
This picture is done by Ham Myung su and he use the wave of the environment to represent the smoothness of music at night by and also display the never sleeping mentality of city life.
This picture was done by Sonni and name Music Machine. this picture clearly represent my theme by display music element in a cartoonish way. Giving a music a more living quality.
This painting is called "Still Life With Musical Instruments and Book" by Bartholomeo Bettera and this painting clearly represent my theme of my gallery. This painting show the still image of unused classic instrument showing the picture of dying music.
This painting is called "Music" by Tereza Petrickova and fit the theme of my art gallery, this picture clearly fit the theme of my gallery. The picture show people having a great time while dancing.
This picture is name "Rhythm 73-2A" and is made by Woo, Jae Gil, the photo is clearly apart of my theme. This picture represent the rhythmic patten of music and song.
This Painting is called "Marc Chagall's Ceiling for the Paris Opera" painting by Marc Chagall, this painting clearly fit the theme of my art gallery. The bright vibrant color to show the passion of love for the art and the instruction of dance painting on the ceiling.
This Painting is called "Dance to the Sun" painted by Diego Rivera, this painting clearly fit the theme of my art gallery. The woman curve represent the flexible of female and the red vibrant color show the fiery movement of the dance.
This Painting is called "The Gods Sing and Dance for Shiva and Parvati" painted by Attributed to Khushala, this painting clearly fit the theme of my art gallery. The woman dancing as a ritual to attracted gods.
This Painting is called "Dance" painted by Jiri Sopko, this painting clearly fit the theme of my art gallery. This picture show the after image of the women moment showing the many movement for the dance.
Credits: All media
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