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These images are all works of art showing the amazing strength of women expressed through different cultures and by different people in different time periods. This site shows how women are portrayed in many different ways. 

Women's festive dress for the Wallatas dance Mario Testino This image shows three young women (or girls, rather) who are posing for a dance that is coming up, the Wallatas dance.The Wallatas dance originated from the Incas, and still continues today. Women represent birds, and is known as the dance of love.
Seated Woman Diego Rivera 1915 This artwork helps to show that women are not just objects. In reference to the year of which this piece was created, it can be seen that 1915 is just 5 years before the women's revolution began. The "two dimensional-ness" of the womans portray is used as a twist, women are more than just a body, women are not one dimensional.
This piece is currently kept at the Harvard Art Museum. Women are depicted as "mourning", one carrying items and the other two just looking. This piece is famous world wide as a very old piece.
Attached is a video showing the spontaneous activity that makes Alice so unique and noteworthy. Alice is the girl that every other girl wishes they could be. Not a care in the world for what others think of her. Alice was truly a character.
This Portrait of Charlotte Marguerite de Montmorency shows the very different style of clothing in the past. The coverage from every angle shows the wealth and status of power in the time. Women were intended to look as full and clothed as possible, showing their wealth and their family's wealth.
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