Bright Colors in the Street Arts

This gallery was created with the intention to provide a different vision of the street art. A lot of times street art is not seeing as a form of art, but a form of nonsense people degrading walls and buildings with nonsense paintings. But this is not a problem of today, if we go back in past we will noticed that every kind of art received its own impression by people; just like any form of art; some people will think it's mediocre while other will think it's revolutionary. For me any form of passion, love, rebellion, sadness is a form of art; because art for me is the expression of self. Although it's a gallery related to street art, we will see here how different is one art from another; which proves that art is the expression of self.

I've chosen this painting for the reason why the artist was able to use bright colors, especially blue, in the street art. I thought this image was great to represent my statement.
I've chosen this image because it not only have bright colors on it, but also because it portraits the culture and the life of that people.
I've chosen this image because it not only has a lot of influence there related to populism and neoliberalism, but also because he used different colors, and because it reminds me of surrealism.
As I am a big fan of surrealism I've chosen this image for the colors and also for the surrealist art. I just loved the bird eyes.
I've chosen this image because I like the way the artist could make a painting using almost the same tone to color the environment. I also chose this picture because I am a huge fan of native indians.
I chose this image not for the colors, but for the meaning of this painting. It portraits that every person must have a home, education and work. And the little boy is carrying those items in his car.
I chose this image for the reason why the artist tries to make two different ideas come to a common sense. War versus Peace. Which explains the tittle "Resignation".
This is my favorite image of the gallery, because the artist used different and bright colors to impact people's view, and also used love, that for me is the most beautiful art, such as the kiss of the sailor and the nurse after the WWII.
I chose this image because I have a huge obsession with masks. For me wearing masks is a way to impersonate somebody inside of us that we did not know it even existed.
This must be the image that has not as much colors as the other ones; and that was the reason why I chose it. Although the artist used the same color for almost everything, it stills a bright and beautiful image.
I chose this picture because it not only portraits the suburban life of people, especially man; but also because the artist used colors techniques to make the painting look real.
I chose this image for the fact that if I was walking down the street I would certainly look to this amazing and huge blue painting.
I chose this picture because I have a huge obsession with trains, I think they are amazing machines! The colors are not that bright, but the painting can get people's attention.
I am a huge fan of Titi Freak's work. He needed to be in my gallery because he is amazing. I love the way the draw and paints. His style sometimes reminds me of Romero Brito, but at the same time is unique.
This is another painting by Titi Freak. This painting is here for the simply reason that I love his art.
Credits: All media
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