A walk through a Counterculture-Josh Campanaro

In this gallery we will take a look into the the past! With endless war, a new cultural movement, and a time where some of the greatest music ever has been made. The 60s Baby! You will see a variety of artworks that represent such a "far out" decade. So enjoy!!

This picture represents the grand opening of the Vulcan Gas Company. It's grand opening was in Austin, TX. This is where they held live shows for bands to come play. And throughout the sixties a lot of bands came through to perform here.
Here is another flyer of a band that is performing there, Lightning Hopkins and you can tell the type of genre of music just by looking at the picture. That is what the 60s were just crazy, psychedelic images representing bands of all genres.
Here is one more flyer advertising a festival being held at the Gas company. The picture is representing the theme of the festival and you can just see how "far out" the 60s were.
This picture is depicting the response to Lyndon Johnson's 1066 Peter Hurd presidential portrait. You can see that these troubling times, especially following the Kennedy Assassination, America was amused by the government. With that portrait being the ugliest thing on Earth this piece of work is the Second Ugliest Thing on Earth. Hence the title of the artwork.
This is depicting an era where new media was everything and this is just representing to take a step back. Reimagine the human body in such paintings and drawings. Artists like these brought back the realism of human nature and nature itself. With radiating shadows, truncated body, and individualized figure are all modern aspects of this artists many like him.
May Stevens is the artist and he has been a social and political activist for years. A lot of his work from the 60s represented women's oppression, the Vietnam War, and much more. In this particular piece he is depicting an african american and an uniformed cop as a symbol of hegemonic authority.
This piece was made during a movement in New Zealand. It was a time when history was being written and the identification of a local tradition was born. The styles used were quite familiar in the 60s.
This painting depicts stalagmites and stalactites in a very artistic way. The uniqueness of his horizontal lines and the colors used really show how the 60s were an up and down time period. And the artists even said the distinction between fine arts and crafts has faded away.
Here is a depiction of another form of art, dance. This depicts The World Ballroom Dancing Championships. Dancing was becoming a huge scene in the 60s and the types of dances were becoming an even bigger movement just like music. With the different lines and shapes used here it really balances out the painting. And with it being an actual an event in the 60s it really brings this painting to life.
This picture depicts a big culture moment in the sixties. The New York State Theater’s opening night performance would be the first cultural program under this agreement. In this image, Robert Moses, president of the 1964-1965 New York World’s Fair, and General Maxwell D. Taylor, president of Lincoln Center, sign the memorandum. Pictures of the Unisphere and Lincoln Center are featured in the background.
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