We will dance

Even though some of these are not paintings, the art of dance can not be in one form, nor can it mean the same thing. It is a form of art that anyone, I believe, can do do regardless of skill. In this gallery you will see many different forms of dance. To some it may look the same, but the story behind it is different from what we see.

With the name of this picture being Firebird, I see a flow flame like movement, from the brightly dressed women while the man in the back has more of a sneaky snake like movement as he watches her dance.
The main character is highlighted showing, a more livelier persona versus the other characters in the back ground. The face that the very color of the others is the color of ground says they are more like statues than people.
The bright colors and the smiles presents a happy time of peace and love. The flow of her dress shows a skilled dancer, full of grace and precise movement, obtained through years of practice, while the crowd watches in awe.
A simple, but effective showing of a celebration of a small village. Holding hands and dancing in a circle. Wearing their finest cloths on this momentous occasion. You can almost see the village fire.
This, to me looks like a tribal dance from Africa. with the spears and shields, it more of a dance of war, rather than a celebration, unless it is after the war. the dark colors represent that it is at night, with moon casting a shadow.
The light beige shows a much happier time, perhaps a dance between two lovers, or a father daughter dance. Either way the movements or close and free. It is a simple dance, and complex at the same time. You don't want to step on any toes.
The swaying of the bodies and the delicate movement from toe to toe show the grace that each dancer has, and the amount of skill and balance required to execute such an art, that color would only take away from its beauty.
A musical at work causing such elaborate dancing on stage. This scene represents a joyous time in which everyone looks excited and free, in the west. Even though it is black and white, you can still see color in the dance itself.
This just looks goofy, like something you'd see in a Disney film. High jumping big smiles, and celebrating expressions make this picture leap off the page on onto a screen. While one is clapping and celebrating the other looks as though he is the one with all the ideas.
She looks like she is doing the mouse on the floor dance, but this is more of a traditional dance, I think. The wrinkles in her skirt show a very hipper and energetic dance. Having such grace, that the gold and white just flow with the statue.
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