SHADES OF A GODDESS - By Johnny Guthrie

This gallery will focus on the use of color when expressing the power and beauty of six Goddesses spanning across three grand ancient civilizations. The Egyptian Goddesses Nut and Hathor, the Greek Goddesses Aphrodite and Nike, and the Indian Goddesses Shiva and Kali. 

Hathor is often artistically expressed with gold with red. It was a showing of affection and self sacrifice of her importance to those who worshiped her as many prayed for love, joy, and motherhood. The use of the color red really allows the gold to pop and was also a very important color in Egyptian social status.
Here we see Hathor in her full beauty. A delicate soft sandy white skin showing she is protected from the harsh sun that peasant’s deal with on a daily basis. Her hair and chest adorned with gold. Along her chest we can even see bright blues and reds popping out showing her high status. Then of course the godly colors of the blue sky and golden tips of her father/God Ra flying behind her.
Here we have a much more complex piece. We have a coffin adorned in hieroglyphs depicting a tale of Nut, a Goddess of the sky’s and stars, a very important part of Egyptian culture and it’s dead. Being a very important Goddess Nut is adorned in bright blues and shades of black as the deep reaches of space she rules over. All of this against the brilliant use of green and red allow her to pop, creating a fantastic visual to properly send off the loved one inside.
Aphrodite has long been the most famous face of the Greek Goddesses and it’s no surprise that she had many admirers trying to put her beauty in their art. Her pale white skin, soft yet muscular, seems to stand out against the harsher colors of this background. The clash of the elements, blue sea, green land, white and orange air depicted by an angel, make her seem as though she’s a delicate flower amongst a field of chaos.
Aphrodite gets a lot of attention but this piece works off of the brilliance of simplicity and hard work. This beautiful and detailed mixing vessel has a dark seemingly grabbing color of black with the trimming of a powerful shade of gold. In the gold we get to see a tale of Aphrodite talking with fellow God Adonis and the great warrior Perseus, probably discussing some way to save man kind from it’s own demise.
Although not as popular as her peer Aphrodite, the Goddess Nike was still quite beloved and worshiped in ancient Greece. She brought victory with her wherever she went and adorning her upon a vessel was a way of showing her grand gesture. Once again we see a black as dark as space itself but this time the vessel is covered in a beautiful, more amber colored, gold. The white etching along her dress shows the great detail they took to show her in fine robes with a decorated shield for battle.
Shiva, Goddess of creation and destruction! With a title like that you would expect something as abstract as this piece of art. A painstakingly detailed use of red and white almost pull the picture from the background, like it was created from a pool of blood. The world around her essence is a dark blue with gold further separating her from the world she oversees. This of course doesn’t stop the all powerful god from being adorned with some gold herself that somehow pop and blend in with her red essence at the same time. Beautiful.
In a much simpler and happier piece we see Shiva dancing amongst other gods and non-human figures. Shiva’s bright white skin sets her far apart from the blue, pink, red, and orange skinned peers drawing your attention directly to her. You can tell by the look on their faces that they both respect and fear her. The yellow and black cheetah print is both exotic and dull against the harsh black background creating a look that pops. Everything about this piece is Shiva.
Hindu Goddess Kali, the bold and beautiful. Protector of the realm of men she slays demons and those who wish to harm her children. In typical Indian art fashion we have a bold use of color where Kali is a bright blue against a sea of blood left from her enemies, the rising orange sun against a dull green/grey color only helps personify the Goddess and her all powerful position. The use of green in her tired eyes brings you straight to them even though they are so nearly closed. Her eyes are hypnotizing, no doubt a tool she uses to kill demons.
Here Shiva is depicted doing what she does best and that is destroy! It may be the gore that initially catches your eye but it's the amazing visual of this bright blue warrior against a deep blood red battlefield that draws you in and makes you want to see more.
Credits: All media
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