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My theme here is the life and sacrifice of Jesus.  This gallery is to show artwork of Jesus as presented through out different time periods and show him from an infant to him growing up and dying on the cross leading to his eventual 

resurrection    . 

This is the virgin Mary with an infant Jesus. this if from where jesus is Still very young but is already labeled as the king of kings. In this picture Mary is encompassed by a lot of black only showing her face and hands which brings a lot of our attention to her face and the child Jesus in her hands.
This is a picture of infant Jesus being watched over by his mother and a swarm of angels surrounding him. Being watched over so closely by mortal and spiritual beings from such a young age signifies his importance. In this picture all the eyes looking at Jesus from all angles kind of makes a line pointing at Jesus and putting our focus on him.
This is a picture or a young Jesus and St. John who also does not appear to be much older than Jesus. This shows that from a young age Jesus has connections with people who are spiritually high being associated with a saint, also the way that the pole is between them shows a division between Jesus and John and with Jesus being above him shows that Jesus may be younger but more important,
This is a window with Jesus either preaching to or conversing amongst doctors. This is showing Jesus being well versed at whatever he is talking about being able to have the attention of not only grown men but doctors who are the well educated men of society. All doctors eyes even those outside of the immediate room are on Jesus pointing from the left to the right of the screen kind of like a book putting Jesus as the center of attention. There is also one other man who sticks out and its the one other doctor facing the Same way as Jesus who appears to be conversing with someone else.
This is Jesus Preaching at a packed temple surrounded by what seems like all much older people and probably well educated in religion. This shows Jesus's knowledge and influence being twelve and being able to capture the attention of a temple filled with men wanting to learn his teachings. This picture has Jesus in the middle of the screen making him the center of attention seeing as he is the only one in all white and raised above everyone else.
This is a picture of Jesus being taken by a mob of people who have been persecuting him. Jesus in this picture is actually pretty hard to find being surrounded by men with weapons but he is in the middle of him. this makes the focus of this picture not Jesus but the men and the brutality of the items that they brought to capture him.
This is a picture is of Jesus after he just finished being whipped by the Romans. This picture has a lot going on in it, there are two angles putting what looks to be the blood of Christ into a chalice maybe making whine for him or just preserving it. there's also another angle on top of the pole who also looks to be scooping up Jesus's blood, in the back there's an angel who appears to be presenting something to the virgin Mary what I assume to be the whips that were just used on Jesus, outside is a man who appears to be praying, and watching over all of this is god seeing his son being abused. There also seems to be white lights radiating over Mary's and Jesus's heads representing their holiness.
This is a picture of Jesus once he has already died on the cross. he is the center and majority of the frame being the main focus, you can tell that he's already dead by the gash in his chest that is bleeding out. Surrounding him is one of the guards that just sent him to his death and a group off his followers along with the virgin Mary who has passed out at the sight.
This is a picture of the virgin Mary holding a dead Jesus in her arms. it seems like Jesus is trying to cover up his wound even though he's already dead Mary may just be controlling his arm by the elbow to make it look like this. And there what seems to be people and items on the left of him that are followers and peoples and items on his right that seem to be the people who were against him and the things that caused his pain and death.
This is a picture of Jesus being surrounded by his followers after his resurrection. They seem to not believe that he is dead so they are poking at the places where he has holes like his hands and his chest to verify that it is indeed Jesus and not an illusion.
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