Color And Music

This gallery is a display of color and music. It relates colors to music and how colors can influence music, Some examples are how lighting at shows effects the mood and vibe of the music, how colors on album artwork can help dictate what an album might sound like, and how studio aesthetics can influence artists and engineers. 

This is graffiti of Jimi Hendrix on a building named “5Pointz”. The graffiti is super colorful with bright neon-like colors that really make it pop. In the graffiti is Jimi Hendrix sheading on the guitar with the words “Music is my Religion” over his head; there is also one of his song titles “Purple Haze” hidden in the artwork. This piece has a lot of emphasis on the color, to make it really stand out. Another principle of design this piece uses to its advantage is balance. All the colors in this piece are balanced, there is very good use of all the primary colors, with different hues to create contrast.
In this watercolor painting there is a handful of people dancing at someone’s house party, it seems to be a birthday party. The colors in this piece reflect that there is a good vibe at the time, and creates the feeling that fast tempo music is being played. A principle of design and formal element of art that really gives this piece life and relates it to my theme is movement and color. The movement gives the impression music is being played, and the color creates a positive feeling to add to the movement. Together the movement and color give the sense of a great time being had because of music.
This painting is very retro; there are a bunch of squares and rectangles fit together and inside of them are music related things, like a keyboard, a vinyl player, variable resisters, faders, a treble clef, a tape, and some transport buttons. This piece reflects music and color with the use of some formal elements. The formal elements used to create this piece are colors, shapes, and lines.
This painting is of an outdoor get together. Surrounding a person playing the guitar is a few people dancing and a few people sitting down and relaxing. The colors and texture in this piece bring it to life. The bright colors give the feeling the happy music is being played and everyone is having a good time. The texture in this piece mostly exists in the grass and the sky, but it helps to create the vibe and feel of this painting.
This is a painting of people dancing to celebrate independence. The first thing that stands out to me in this piece is movement; the movement really sets the aesthetic of this painting. In the middle there are people holding hands and dancing in a circle, on the far right there are people standing still that don’t look very happy. The people that don’t look very happy are dressed in black, as the people dancing and having fun are dressed in colors.
This image is outside of a restaurant with outdoor seating and a dance going on in the distance. I think color and lines are the main elements of this piece. The colors bring this image to life by creating a party aesthetic. The colors also make me thing jazz when I see them. Without the colors in this picture it would honestly have an entirely different vibe. It would go from a night out on the town partying, to an evening dinner out with your family.
This painting is of trippy animals and creatures playing instruments while there is a girl dancing in the middle with a third eye. In this piece the background is black, and each creature is either a bright, or light color. The use of light and dark color creates contrast and makes the creatures pop. The way the creatures’ colors pop and the looks on their faces create the feeling that there is some crazy and unique music being played.
This is a painting of a woman playing some sort of string instrument with a man kneeled down in front of a chest overflowing with treasure. There are a ton of dark colors in this piece and the texture on the instruments makes them seem broken or incomplete. The colors and texture of this piece put off a really sad and lonely feeling.
This painting is of a woman playing the piano with flowers all around her and a view out the window. This piece is filled with light, easy on the eye colors, and has beautiful texture. This piece is painted with precise brush strokes to create the texture, and used light colors to create the happy stress-free feeling.
This painting is of a small band playing for a king and a few other people. The band consists of a pianist, and three string players. The lines in this painting create a sense of space and shape. The light, but prominent colors in this piece make it seem like everyone is satisfied, including the king.
Credits: All media
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