ART from: Archaeological Survey of India; LIFE Photo Collection; Bagetti Valsecchi Museum; Amon Carter Museum of American Art; Museum of Latin American Art; Adachi Museum of Art; The National Museum of Art, Architecture and Design- Norway; Philadelphia Museum of Art; Chateau de Fontainebleau

I love the architecture of Agra Fort... The black and white give an eerie feel but one that is comforting as well. I can literally picture someone standing in the doorway to the right of the picture.
The sun setting over Taj Mahal makes for a beautiful piece!
The Gallery of Arms. I was into armory and warriors and knights.. Especially as a kid. What I like the most about the pic, is the many different weapons and of course the one armor that you see!
Cowboys on horse back gives me a sense of adventure, freedom... especially with the colors being grays and whites and the people being darkened out. It suggests that something is wrong.
Murder of Edith Cavell shows the commotion, fear and sadness and the darkness of the painting reflect it well. The shadows are darker except on one person.
Another painting that gives off a sense of freedom though in in this painting the colors are brighter. It shows a single man, riding alone through the water with the no one else but the open space.
I love this! I love Castles and how they are built- the architecture is amazing!
Simple and beautiful. Just like my answer.
The fire at the moment is burning houses and landscape but in return its the water who will create new life. Its a powerful painting.
A Palace, painted in a way thats both appealing and magical. The shadows and the light look real and the Ladies gathered in the garden make the painting come alive. 1760s style. ps. love the 1760s.
Another powerful painting which reveals a Knight in his darkest hours. I get the sense that he is missing a friend/family. The way his spear is lowered reveals an internal defeat.
I have a thing for arch-ways and this one is awesome! Where can I get one for my house?
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