Goddesses of Legend by J. Salinas

Although women have only been gaining equal rights for the last 100 years, female figures have always played a prominent role in mythology and religion for centuries.  Here is a look at some of the most breathtaking sculptures and paintings featuring some of the strongest female goddesses known throughout history.

Standing just over 7 feet tall this statue of the goddess Minerva, Athena in Greek mythos, was cut from marble, and sculptured with a high level of detail. Minerva is adorned in armor, equipped with her spear and book of knowledge.
Depicted slaying a demon, adorned with a halo of cobras, the wife of God Shiva, Kali the Terrible was known as a fierce warrior and Goddess of havoc and destruction. There is an apparent sense of balance in the statue using the cobras and her many hands that surround her.
Dating back to 30 BC, this partially preserved bust of the Egyptian goddess Isis is carved out of compacted quartz. Isis, known as the goddess of health and wisdom, is wearing a formal headdress and smiling, giving a feeling of harmony in the image.
Daughter of the Titan, Atlas, Calypso is depicted by artist Poelenburgh to be pulling the hero Odysseus out of the water, saving him from his perilous voyage for the time being. The artist adds a subtle depth, using dark tones with light colors in the foreground.
The goddess of the dawn, Aurora is shown in this painting giving her goodbyes to Tithonus, one of her lovers. The illusion of movement is shown through the motion of robes. The artists gives the viewer the perception that Aurora is descending towards Tithonus.
An amalgamation of Nemesis, the goddess of divine retribution, and Fortuna, the goddess of victory, she is shown floating above the clouds prepared to pass judgement on those who would show arrogance toward the Gods. The artist portrays a very muscular tone and an incredible level of detail placed on her and her scale of importance in comparison to the world beneath her.
This beautiful bronze statue of goddess Aphrodite, with unparalleled beauty, is depicted in an abnormal fashion. Although the approach was to emphasize that the statue was of Aphrodite, the attire and tiara indicate it may have been a portrayal of a Hellenistic queen with the visage of the goddess.
Seated on a lotus flower and sporting a comfortable posture, Kwan-Yin was known as the Chinese goddess of mercy. Her posture gives her a literal sense of balance, and her smile indicates a sense of harmony that brought relief to worshippers and devotees.
This painting portrays a less-than-known Greek story of Actaeon, one of the greatest Greek hunters, stumbling upon Diana, Goddess of the hunt, and her hand maidens. Many of the hand-maidens motion to cover themselves with water spilling out of the fountain. The stag skull is foreshadowing for Actaeon fateful demise; transformed into a stag and murdered by his own dogs.
The never-aging Tibetan goddess of longevity, White Tara is basically a female Buddha promoting compassion and a long life. Created on silk, she is seen sitting on top of a lotus flower, making tantric symbols with her hands, and donning a peaceful smile. There is a repeating pattern of halos behind her help promote unity and togetherness.
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