PERSPECTIVE of life and art

this peace confused me at first, but after analyzing it a little i really enjoyed how the artist used his cross hatching technic to create shadow and depth
when i look at this image I see myself standing at the end of my bed after a ling day. Not quite sure what the artist was going for but I see that the angles are slightly slanted.
The colors the artist used speak to me in the piece, the depth it almost looks like a flat image.
When I first saw this I thought to myself "I think I found my new favorite artist" the way Xiaogang uses line and perspective is amazing.
I enjoy how this is a straight row vanishing point.
The title of this art work explains it all, perspective of this painting is amazing, the reflections of the mirror.
the way the artist used lighting to create the 3d effect
When I think of perspective, I think about a straight ahead. This picture through a circle lance lets you see things in different ways
The perspective in this piece is poor, but The work itself beautiful.
This is a basic piece of art work but I enjoy it's simplicity and colors
I'm not sure if the this painting is of a girl laying on the ground next to chalk drawings or maybe dreaming, ether way I really like it
I like the landscape and detail the artist created.
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