Words of Art

This gallery shows the creative ways that words can be used as pieces of art. Some of the works are a single word that say so much more. Letters can be much more than literary tools when used as art.

"Switched No" could be interpreted as "switched on". The simple contrast of black ink on white canvas makes this stand out. The Korean ink splatter gives texture to the piece.
Douglas Coupland uses words as art by playfully using different font sizes. He arranges the letters to look chaotic but from a distance the viewer can easily make out the actual words. He creates black lines behind the letters to anchor them.
The painter covers the graffiti on the wall with white paint. But cleverly carves out the letters creating the word "LOVE".
A mosaic of letters taken from weathered signs. This artist used a symmetrical pattern of blocks of letters. Some spell out words and others are just gibberish.
A colorful and bright print uses the words laying down and angled back to give a perspective of 3d. By using different colors and shades on the sides of the letters it gives a 3d look.
Words painted on a fence in a slum area give beauty to an otherwise neglected area. Namaste is a customary greeting when people meet or depart. Using bold colors give life to the run down area.
Douglas Coupland again shows how simple can still have a punch. He uses straight lines and simple fonts to have a clean look. Black letters on vibrant colors have contrast keeping the words crisp and clear.
"Life gives you surprises". Colorful patterns forming a mouth saying "I get art" in Spanish.
During a brief period of blindness the artist used shiny pearls to create their own code of letters. This is what "After Read of Poetry of Tagore" looked like using the artists code.
Credits: All media
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