Before the invention of the automobile, the horse was the only means of transportation for most people. Horse were used to show status, for sports and war. This animal was a companion and was involved in human life in several ways.

This artwork capture jockeys on racehorses dashing across a track. The visual theme in this piece is movement. The painting captures a snapshot of a climax of race as one horse takes the lead and the others try to close the distance.
An Equestrian take a pose.The figure in the painting looks like a man of great wealth. The man and his horse posture is prim and proper.
This painting capture a rider falling off his horse. In the mist of the chaos, the fallen rider's friends come to his aid. This painting allow the onlooker to experiance the confusion with the riders.
This is a painting of a riding horse. The horse is in mid-step.The artist made the background look hazy.
A warrior and his horse pose for this portrait. The warrior was his sword sheathed by his waist. The warrior's uniform and the horse's saddle also match. The backdrops is a smoky mountainside.
In this painting, a man and his horse trek along a winding rode amid slushy snow. A car facing the opposite direction towards the city seems to be broken down. In the horizon, you can see what appears to be towers and farther down you can see the water. I feel the theme of this painting is a horse is more dependable than a car. A car can break down and leave the driver stranded by a horse will keep moving.
In this painting, a horse is taken aback by a lion hiding in the shade. The artist captures the horse form accurately. The horse's tail is tucked between his legs. From our perspective, the lines in the horse's hind legs show the horse is healthy and possibly someone's property.
On a foggy day, a woman makes her great ecsape on a cow through the water. Meanwhile, a man on a horse and carriage helplessly look on. The man's female companions look on from the bank. The horses look uninterested with what's taking place. The name of this painting is "The Abduction of Europa" but as I analyze the painting, I can't tell who's being abductioned. It looks like the lady is fleeing under her own free will.
In this tapestry, horses are depicted in war. They are seen trampling men and carrying spear-wielding riders into battle. The entire seen shows chaos and the animals caught between the warring factions.
In this painting, a group of Native Americans on horseback firing on something off-screen.The painting was done in Black-and-White give the artwork a eerie feel.
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