The movement and color of water

This gallery is dedicated to the way artists paint water. In this gallery you will see the different way artists paint water. 

In this painting, Starry Night by Vincent van Gogh, the water is what really catches my eye. If you look at the painting you see the shadows from all the light on the water. I believe what makes the painting is the subtle movement from right to left in the water. The movement gives the painting some pace.
Eugene Delacroix’s The Sea of Galilee is another painting that the water is a main focus point. In the painting the movement of the stormy water really draws the attention to the boat. The way that Delacroix painted the movement of the furious sea is fantastic.
In the painting Rocks at the Belle-lle, Port-Domois, the sea is beautiful. The movement in this painting is very calm. The water is not crashing into the rocks but gently running into them. The detail in the water is what I love about this painting. You can really see the sunset off of the sea.
In the painting, Sunrise (Marine), the water in my opinion is perfect. The movement is very calm. What makes this painting is the color of the water. The color reminds me of being on the water and having a foggy sunrise.
This painting, Thirty-six Views of Mount Fuji: The Great Wave off Kanagawa, is a completely different style than all of the other paintings in this gallery. I love this paint for the color and the movement. I love the dark blue and the white used on the water of this painting. I also love the movement of the giant waves.
Seascape near Les Sanites-Maries-de-la-Mer is a beautiful painting by Vincent van Gogh. The water in this painting is beautiful. The movement of waves braking on shore really gives you the feeling of standing on the bank looking out into the water. The color is also pretty by using several colors to show the diversity in water.
Claude Monet’s Fishing nets at Pourville is a great painting of water. In this one he is painting a piece about fishing in rough water. The movement of the water is really choppy. The color of the water shows that the fishing nets are in shallow water and may not be able to catch anything.
Three Fishing Boats is also another painting by Claude Monet. This painting is a beautiful piece on the shore of an ocean displaying three boats. The movement is displaying that the ocean is rough and may be too rough for sailing. The color of the blue-green ocean is a great contrast to the brown sand.
Rough weather at Etretat is a picture of exactly what it is named. In this painting you see people standing on the shore looking at the massive waves crashing into it. The color is this painting is fantastic because the water is a white-gray up near the shore where the waves are breaking. The movement is great because it shows the waves moving towards shore and the other waves crashing on the shore.
My last painting in this gallery is Shipwreck on the Coast by Eugene Delacroix. This painting shows a shipwreck. I do not believe though by the movement of the water in this painting that the shipwreck happened at that time. The water looks fairly calm out by the boat but in the cave it looks a little rough. The water is a yellowish tent, which shows the reflection of the cave very nicely.
Credits: All media
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