The Color Green And What It Symbolizes In Art

Green, being the color of nature, represents growth, harmony, fertility, and freshness. It is the most restful and relaxing color to the eye optically due to its spectral wavelength. This gallery demonstrates how the color green works so well with themes like these.

This piece expresses a peaceful tone with its use of the color green in various areas across the canvas and its depiction of a small village set in a tropical area.
The green light that emits from this lamp can make an environment more relaxing and can soothe those who are experiencing high amounts of stress.
A tranquil environment is depicted in this piece and the placement of the trees and other plants gives it a more peaceful feeling.
The mixture of green and red in this piece creates a mixed feeling of passion and balance, making this one of the more unique pieces in this gallery.
The wildlife depicted on this vine illustrates growth and nature; two separate themes of green expressed in a single piece.
This angelic duo gives a sense of harmony and peace to this painting, and using various different shades of green to illustrate these two makes it very unique.
The mixture of nature with a kitchen environment gives this piece a feeling of harmony and balance.
This is perhaps the best illustration of tranquility and nature in this gallery for the various shades of green used throughout the field and the peaceful environment it depicts.
Like "The Green Boathouse," this piece shows a great depiction of a village set in a green environment that makes it feel more relaxing.
Perhaps the piece with the least amount of green in this gallery, but a decent use of the negative effects of this color since it shows a single tree in what appears to be a deteriorating environment.
Another great depiction of a village mixed with nature, but this one shows that nature is surrounding the village rather than being randomly placed through it.
This robe appears to be similar to those worn in spas and health clinics in the east, and the shade of green it has gives a very relaxing feeling.
The tree that is shown in this piece is a great representation of growth.
While the expression of the woman's face seems bizarre, the green robe makes this piece appear slightly more soothing.
This gown has a good sense of tranquility and the use of flowers gives it a peaceful feeling too.
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