My Art Collection

-ARTWORKS- Senem KOBAL 2008.01.04.031 Major : MIS

Materials: Oil on canvas Style : Baroque Place: Statens Museum for Kunst Why I choose: That painting is such as genocide the official. Actually I don’t like vey crowded paint and many human figure on the paint but I figured out That may be historical painting so it revealing that about painter date and time. Also I prefer that table.
Style: Mannerism/ Fragment of altarpiece Why I choose: It has angel and instrument they are differ from each other but in here, they used together and It felt very innocent to me.Place:Uffizi Galery – level:2nd floor
Style: Post-Impressionism Medium: Oil on wood Original Title: Nature morte avec trois petits chiens Place: MoMA, The Museum of Modern Art-5th f loor Why I choose: that is very cute painting on that theme and it has coold color and this is the best for that theme. I searched and I lke this the most
Style: Renaissance/ Altarpiece Why I choose: It is like the door sculpture and they are both very similar and I searched the door before for my previously homework. Also I chosen thatPlace: Uffizi Galery – level:2nd floor
Medium: oil on canvas Style: Impressionism, Neo-Impressionism Place : Museum of Fine Arts, Budapest Why I choose: I have been there and I saw this painting. I remembered and I wanted to choose this painting.
Style: Surrealism Why I choose: I saw 2 animals at the same time on painting. That was very different and fantastic because painting a lot of figure and color. Just have one theme but İt has a lot of figure about sea Medium: 12 x 15 inches Enamel on steel Place: SCAD Museum of Art
Medium: Graphite and lithographic rubbing crayon pochoir, with scraping, on cream wove paper, fixed Style : Pop Art Place : The Art İnstitute of Chicago Why I choose: I saw similar tablo in Vienna and I like and I searced in google art project many table and I saw that and I wanted to add to my collection
Medium: Oil on canvas Style: Neoclassicism Place: The Museum of Fine Arts,Houston Why I choose: It was very similar monalisa but picture of women knitted mesh. came a familiar and warm more than monalisa and I liked and so I choosen that painting about neoclassicim.
Style: Expressionism Material: canvas and oil Place : The Munch Museum, Oslo Why I choose: Actually, I looked horse and white color –snow- at the same time. Also That painting reminiscent of both war and peace because snow feels peace and mounted troops –ı guess- feels war and They are differ from each other and used at the same painting and theme. Also I interest the most.
Medium: Oil on canvas Style :Realism Place: Los Angles County Museum of Art Why I choose: Actually, I likened The Turkish wrestling at first glance because that movement the same and I interested that painting maybe This painting may be real and could be a kind of sport at painters city.
Materials: oil on canvas Measurements :19 1/2 x 23 5/8 in. Style: Romanticism Place: Indianapolis Museum of Art Why I choose: That painting smell love. Name implies, romanticism. Woman and man dance and other woman play the instrument so that painting is very active . I mean that table alive I thing so I interested.
Medium: Oil and watercolor on canvas on panel Style: Cubism Place : Philadelphia Museum of Art Why I choose: That painting like space and like their ocean in their space. I just saw and though this. Because space is vey darkness and it has some fish and cicyle and It felt as belonging to another universe so I choosen that painting.
Medium: oil on composition board Style: Abstract Expressionis Place: National Gallery of Victoria Why I choose: That painting just have colors and darks such as brown. Actually I have not a idea abstract expressionis painting but I like a colorful things so I like that. Actually, I just feel that painting can be very different and good carpet for my room –sorry for that but some painting can be furniture. Some desinger make this-.
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