Olympics - Unity

This album consists of Olympic images. These images all demonstrate the sense of community that coincide with the Olympics and how the world is united as one. The first image is of four people coming together to hold up the Olympic rings (the rings representing the 5 continents that participate in the Olympic Games - Unity). The second image to me demonstrates the Olympics rings bent to make a wind sculpture. As the rings signify unity and strength amongst countries I believe that this image reflects that if we all bend a little we can address global issues (in the case of the wind sculpture this may be power generation.) The third photo represents the anatomical sign for the human. The fact that the image of the human is on top of the world with the unifying Olympic rings on it signify human unity and the fact that we are all human, we may have different views, cultures and beliefs but we are all human and we are all one and we are all apart of this world. Image number 4 shows five people holding up a flag with the Olympic rings in it. The fact that one person is leading and looks strong while the others look more weak indicate that one person can make a difference in this world. Finally image number 5 shows the unifying flame that travels around the world showing that we can all be connected. 

Credits: All media
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