Struggles of Women Through History as Shown in Art HARTDS2

In our gallery, we will showcase numerous painting and artworks that involve the struggles of women that are shown in art which spans from the early 1600's to the mid 1900's. We will give our personal insights with regards to each painting and how it influenced art as a whole. We hope that our gallery can serve as a reminder to everyone on how women struggled, and conquered during different eras. - Members: Mark Reyes, Celma Almonte, Nico Medina, Catherine Balintona, Lyndon Caras, Darla Abiar

This artwork show how woman serves her family and how she take care each and every household chores.- Celma Almonte
For me, this portrait shows the fading relationship of a once happy couple. This explains a lot about the reality of this world. A once perfect relationship can be destroyed and just remain as a memory. -Nico Medina
This artwork shows a woman, specifically a mother enrolling a child to an art school but because she was known for being a single mother, they didn’t give that opportunity to the child. For me, this artwork shows struggle of a single woman being discriminated and misjudged by the society during that time. - Catherine Balintona
Women before were not allowed to paint men as their subject in their professional role because of the patriarchal society. The painting shows us the fight for independence and freedom of women.- Lyndon Caras
This sculpture, for me shows some discrimmination,in color, the way she live. But people during her time don't see her potential in dancing ballet. Until now, peole of our generation only look on the physical appearance not the potential to do ones work.- Darla Abiar
For me the derivation of this portrait shows the struggle of a woman when facing temptation of the flesh. A temptation that can destroy both the soul and dignity of the victim.-Nico Medina
A very emotional art of a woman carrying agony, pain, and hardship. For me, this art has a great impact to the viewers. This explains the hardship of being a woman which varies for every woman in this bitter Earth.- Nico Medina
The woman's face in the painting looks like she is fighting for something. During the time of the painter, Anna Petersen, women were not allowed to vote, nor to enroll at the Academy of Fine Arts. The woman planting shows us that women know how to cultivate nature and she lives at a time ripe for replanting in order for new flowers to grow - both at a concrete level and metaphorically.- Lyndon Caras
In this painting, the monotonous work of women is showed by them spinning the the thread with their hands. It represents how women and children are left with these kind of work and not widening their view in life. - Mark Reyes
For me, this artwork shows unfairness between the distribution of heavy labors to young women and children. The artwork can really catch the full attention and emotion of the viewer because the painter is very successful in creating a painting full of negative emotions, which can be felt by any viewer of the painting.- Catherine Balintona
For me it shows how woman struggle to work for daily living.- Celma Almonte
 Prostitution and nudity in the old times is not that new to the people at that time. For me, this painting shows that even if prostitution is allowed during those times, it’s still hard for these prostitutes to get away and hide from the different judgments towards them. It’s as if that there will be always a part of them that wanted to get unnoticed and unseen by the society but they just can’t get rid of them whatever good things they do so they just go with the life they have always lived. - Cathering Balintona
The artworks shows how women treated during 1918. that they have to wear a certain dress different from male. - Celma Almonte
In this artwork, it shows how women carry the burden of conceiving the child. This struggle is not only present during the early period but also the present as well. The facts present in the painting shows how the female experienced a miscarriage. This fact is very depressing for the side of the woman. - Mark Reyes
This painting shows that it has a seminal importance in the development of artist's unique vision of country people. For me this painting shows that women is the one who is in charge of household chores and taking care of their children and the men act like he is the boss. - Darla Abiar
This artwork showed how women struggled to find a place in the industrial sector in society. The reason behind this situation is because of the low position of women in society that was put forth by men during this time period. The act of the woman working in this painting is like a "coming out of the shell" because women back then were often isolated in their homes thus giving them low self esteem. - Mark Reyes
The painting shows us the malnourished women and children during the WW2 in Japanese Internment Camp. It shows us the unimaginable mental, physical and sexual abuse that Japanese did to British women. - Lyndon Caras
 This painting shows that two naked women are victims of violence , the skull symbolize death. Until now, women are still suffering and hoping to be heard by someone. - Darla Abiar