Subtle Importance

This gallery will consist of portraits of different people between the 17th and 18th-century. In many portraits, the focus is just the person in view; however the portraits in this gallery will speak more about the items within the frame that may tell you more about the person than just their looks.

In this portrait, there are two kids dressed in elegant clothing handing over a coin to another kid in tattered clothing. The tattered clothing, the missing shoes, and the stick being held in the arms of the kid—while reaching for the coin—depicts the lifestyle this kid is currently going through. The kids in elegant clothing display kindness by giving the coin; which speaks a lot about who they are and their upbringing.
In this portrait, there are two young girls sitting in a courtyard garden holding a dove. Each young girl is dressed in clothing made out of silk due to the reflection of light. There are flowers beside each girl that are in full bloom; except for one in the bottom left. The girls are sitting in a courtyard garden—holding on to a dove. The items within this piece display prestige, innocence, and purity.
In this portrait, there are three males, two females, a dog, a cat, and a servant; all gathered together in a room. The wealth of this family is expressed through the items made in silver, the animals, the bust above the fireplace, the chandelier, and the large room itself. There is also a servant taking away a teacup in the left of the painting by the male and female who are finger painting.
In this portrait, there two angels, two dogs, two monkeys, three sculptures, and one female artist; all within one room. The female artist in the center of this painting is seen as skillful as she is being crowned by the angel above her. Another measure of her skill are the sculptures behind her and on the table beside her. There are also flowers and fruit on the ground in front on her used for still life paintings like the completed one she is pointing towards.
In this portrait, there are angels, Virgin Mary, baby Jesus, and three other males receiving bread from baby Jesus. There’s an aura, or halo, behind the head of baby Jesus and Virgin Mary which displays their divinity. Baby Jesus is the main focus of this piece as he is painted in the center of the canvas giving bread to the three men in black. The men are represented as old and wise by the book and staff being held by the two men in front.
In this portrait, Charles Emmanuel and his son, Victor Amadeus are riding on horses. In the hands of Emmanuel is a red stick, or baton, that signifies passing on his legacy to Amadeus. The horses themselves are rearing during this process which adds to the emotion of the hand off.
In this portrait, Fra Stefano da Carpi creates a self-portrait of himself creating a portrait. There is a skull in the bottom right which represents something grim; however, in the portrait behind him, he is holding onto a letter and tools with a smile on his face. Carpi was an artist who loved what he did.
In this portrait, the lady in the center is the main subject. The lady is wearing a white and gold dress with a pearl necklace. Next to her is a table with a decorative design on its cloth while on top of it is multiple items in silver. There is a tiny dog at her feet looking up at her in admiration. The lady is depicted as wealthy and elegant.
In this portrait, there is a female artist in her studio teaching her student about the artwork on the canvas. The artist is placed in the center as she is the main subject. The stick in her left hand is what she is using to point at different parts of the piece to inform her student about. The elegant dress and the small dog display her fame. This artist is depicted as a teacher with knowledgeable skill.
In this portrait, there is the family of John, Fourteenth Lord Willoughby de Broke, gathered together in a room. All of the kids seem playful as one is taking a piece of food from the table, another is posing on the table next to her mother, and the last one to the right is pulling a little toy Trojan horse. There are items of silver on the table along with a tea set made of ceramic or porcelain. Although this family is displayed as wealthy, the personalities and characteristics of each person stand out.
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