The Art of Lines

This gallery is to show examples of how lines affect art in different ways. Although not many of them have the complex designs that can be made with lines, these show the basic and rudimentary designs that can be made with lines. Hope that you enjoy my gallery, if you have any comments please email me.

I chose this painting for my gallery to display how lines can complement each other in a painting. If they are thick or thin they can work to make the other pop.
This painting I chose since it doesn't utilize traditional lines, but creates a well balanced image for the viewer to use their imagination and create the waterway in the middle.
In this painting the artist chose a different approach with the lines, instead of the typical straight and thick lines, he opted for thin and curved lines which in return give the painting more depth.
I chose this painting because in this one the artist chose a free form to do with his lines. Instead of creating a figure or design with the lines he painted freely across the canvas.
I chose this painting because the artist utilized both straight and curved lines to create an impressive image which is both appealing and interesting for the viewers in a harmonious combination.
I chose this painting in order to begin showing how lines can be combined in order to create new figures and designs. Some of this combinations can give fruit to beautiful art like this.
Much like the previous painting this one utilizes the curved and straight lines to create a sharper image which the viewer sees as a mix of different figures. But the truth is it is a combination of lines.
In this painting what seems to be a figure composed of smaller figures, but it is a figure constructed with various lines drawn from different points. But the lines can easily be confused with squares.
I chose this painting because it is both a good example of how lines can be used to create new images or shapes altogether and how lines can be used to create illusions for the viewer to experience. Can you tell whether this figure is popping in or out of the screen.
This image was a very hard choice but I ended up adding it to my gallery for one reason. If you noticed there are various black lines placed in a pattern, this lines create a pause in the color and when you look at the image as a whole it seems to be a colored scheme.
I chose this image to portray how lines are not only utilized to make art or to shape the image, they can also be useful to divide multiple portions of one painting.
This beautiful illusion of lines works in order to explain how lines can have more depth than any other type of drawing technique. Not only do these lines seem to have depth they also have a unique design which can be emotionally appealing to its viewers.
In this painting the artist utilized a knife to make these precise lines, but what is interesting about it is how the lines seem to fall in a perfect harmony even though they do not share the same color. It has the same style as when the sun sets and you see its reflection on water.
Although cartoonish this painting is good to determine where lines can be used to their greatest potential. See how the artist uses straight lines for the buildings to give a sense of sturdiness while the path has curved lines which make it seem more natural and free.
In this image the photographer took the picture from an angle that makes the lines look far more vivid. These lines were colored in such a way that it gives off a vibrant sensation of happiness and joy. Lines that are manipulated with color can also make the viewer feel different emotions.
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