Sule's Art Collection


The art work by Ernst Kirchner is a good example of the expressionism. I love his use of colors and the faces of women. They look like gypsies and they can be symbol of joy and happiness.
The art work by Benjamin West is an example of neoclassicism. It reminds me the tragic love between Helen and Paris. By using a myth, West tries to go back in time and the image of shadow on the face of baby can reflect the bitter side of love, which ended with the war.
The art work by Annibale Carracci is an example of Baroque. The emotional realism is so vivid in this picture that I can feel sadness and the pain of a mother who lost her son. Besides that, I love the way of angels' depiction as baby boys.
The art work by Paul Gauguin is an example of Post-Impressionism. I like "Washerwomen" because women are depicted as having no- identity. the viewers cannot see faces of women and it can be said that women become the part of nature in this picture.
The art work by Raphael is an example of High Renaissance. I chose it for my art collection because it was the last Madonna painting made before the death of Raphael. I totally like the Madonna series and I think that this art work is really successful in reflecting the beauty of the relation between mother and her son.
The art work by Titian is an example of Mannerism (Late Renaissance). The characters of Mannerism are obvious in that picture such as distortion of perspective, scale and exaggerated color. The focus is on woman and by the way I love her jewelries. Her pure skin and nakedness symbolize the innocent nature of womanhood.
The art work by Goya is a good example of Romanticism. As we know that Romanticism was a movement against the reason age. I think there cannot be a better title than "The Dream of Reason Brings Forth Monsters" to illustrate the negative sides of the reason age.
The art work by Gustave Courbet is an example of Realism and I love the close relationship between the woman and the dog. The nakedness of woman does not irritate the viewers and it illustrates the ordinary existence.
The art work by Eugene Boudin is an example of Impressionism. I love the way of depiction of nature and the daily life.
The art work by Paul Klee is an example of Cubism. Honestly, I do not like the Cubism style and that picture does not make any sense to me. The only thing I love is the image of eye.
The art work by Cy Twombly is an example of Abstract Expressionism. The reason why I chose it is that it looks like the paintings made by children. On the left side, there is an image of heart which makes me connect with that picture emotionally.
The art work by Salvador Dali is an example of Surrealism. Dali portrays the story of Adam and Eve in a different way. The focus is on Eve not on Adam and I love it.
The art work by Roy Lichtenstein is an example of Pop Art. I recommend you to watch the video then it will make sense.