The Love of Rococo - Rhiannon Smith

This gallery contains paintings created during the Rococo  period, by such artists as Jean-Honore Fragonard and Francois Boucher. For this gallery I have chosen to focus on paintings that depict love, a very prominent theme in Rococo artwork. 

This painting by Fragonard shows two lovers in a beautiful garden. The woman, blindfolded, sits on the man's lap, while a young child plays on the ground beside them. This painting has a very romantic, carefree feel; an almost child-like and innocent love. The pastel colors of this painting, along with the young child playing beside the couple, all lend to this sense of innocent rommance.
Here is yet another example of the innocent love portrayed in Rococo art. A woman looks away, as a young man appears ready to move in and meet her. A statue of a beautiful woman, who I presume to be Venus, gazes out across the beautiful garden. Beside her are young children. The statue and the lush garden surrounding the couple make me think of fertility and love.
I chose this painting for my gallery specifically because of its portrayal of the fountain of love. When in love, one can often feel as though they are dreaming, or as if nothing else exists. The clouds and angels surrounding the fountain certainly give this a youthful and eternal feel.
In this painting, Boucher tells the story of Hercules' and Omphale's love, after falling in love while Hercules was enslaved by her. Rococo centers around pleasure and sexuality, and this is very easily seen in this painting, as Hercules and Omphale embrace each other and kiss, while sitting nude on a bed. The yound children around them once again a prominent image in Rococo art, lends to the sense of romantic, innocent love.
Here two lovers gaze longingly at each other while the two of them sit amidst a pastel nature scene. The woman's breasts are exposed, definitely emphasizing the theme of love and pleasure.
This painting by William Hogarth definitely portrays the sense of pleasure. The woman, appears to be desperately trying to pull away from the man, as she grasps the table. The man however pulls her in close. This painting, combined with the next one in this gallery titled After, shows the moment building up to sexual pleasure for the two lovers in the painting.
This painting, very appropriately named "After", depicts a scene of two lovers after enjoying some pleasure together. The woman's hair is a mess, the man buttoning up the fly of his pants; a stool is knocked over and what appears to be shoes or other miscellaneous items are spread across the floor. It is no mystery what has happened in this scene.
In this painting, Boucher depicts two lovers sitting in a peaceful spot having what almost looks like a romantic picnic. The soft pastel colors and carefree atmosphere of the scene once again reflect the style of Rococo artwork.
Here, three women lounge about together in a very peaceful surrounding. They are slightly exposed, and seem very relaxed and at ease. Another prominent theme in Rococo art is just simple pleasure and ease, which is very easily seen in this painting with the women's relaxed postures and the way they are relaxing together.
This painting definitely depicts a scene of sheer pleasure. The couple embrace passionately as they gaze at each other. The woman is nude, and they are both surrounded by a beautiful nature scene and angels about them.
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