Beauty Of Dance 

In this collection I've put together a few pieces of artwork that expresses the beauty of dance in many types of art. They use lines and colors to show elegante movements on a still canvas. Although many artest come from all over the world there is still many similarities in the way they express the movement of dance and it's beauty.  

In this 1913 piece “russian dancer”, the visual movement is depicted by the balance of the woman's arms swaying out to the sides and the one knee lifted up as if she was twirling or leaping in the air. The texture of the dress shows the most movement in the way they wrinkles flow. The detail to the ballet shoe strapped around the ankle and the way the statue shows the presser on the toe is incredibly realistic to someone on pointe. The representation of the pedestal is more than just a sand to place the statue on. It shows the high elegance of the dancer.
In this piece the elegance of one woman dancing is the main focus. You can see the details in the way her face is illuminated. The details of the top of the dress shows what looks to be elegant beading work and as you follow the dress down you can see in the way it falls and shines it’s probably made of silk. Down to the glass slippers on her feet. The movement of her hands the bend in her back shows the movement of dance. Looking to the right you’ll see other women enjoying the entertainment. There clothes looking more of cloth and the gentleman on the left playing music on the guitar.
In this particular piece you see a room full of people dressed in their best. By looking at the gentlemen's legs on the left, the waves and curves of them show he’s dancing but in a more choreographed way. The main focus of the painting is the women in the middle. The wide movements of her hands and legs shows a more free spirit type dance. The color and texture of her dress shows that she may not be the most respected at the party in comparison to the women taking up the far right third. This women’s dress looks to be of higher quality. The texture of the fur looks soft. Along with the details on her hat. The posture she has shows more of a rigid side to her personality.
Art comes in all varieties and that includes dance. The costumes and colors add an interesting element to the image. The varying movements of their hands and the use of the scarfs shows that the beauty is dance can be shared is many ways. The uses of the masks in the image gives it a whole new element of expression.
In this painting the movement of the body is exaggerated by the thinning of the waste and wide hips. The lines of the dress help to express the movement of the body. The hands framing the face help to show the movement of the arms and head. The elegant details of the jewelry and green skin show the envious nature of the image.
In this painting the image of a happy couple is dancing under the night sky. The woman has her arm on his shoulder while he has his arm around her waist. He’s leaning closely to her face as if he is going to kiss her on the cheek. On the far time you see a table with a wrinkled cloth on it as if they just had dinner. But my favorite part of this image is hard to notice at first but at the middle far left of the image you can see a face of a little kid spying on the couple.
In this painting of two ballerinas, the texture is the first this I noticed. The dancers look more rough than the surrounding background. The layers of paint and color show dimension in the faces and dresses. The flow of the brush strokes makes the skirt of the dress look sparkly. The exaggerated bend in the waist and noodle like arms make this image look more like a magical dream world rather than a realistic painting.
In this painting the abstract curves and proportions really help to express the concept of dance. The biggest sign of movement is this piece is the way the artist used color to guide your eyes in a swaying movement. The tones of yellow and white against the blue really emphasize the glowing beauty against the sunlight.
In this painting the the woman depicted is dancing on a hill with the view a the city beyond her. The angle of her legs and the bend in the waist shows the movement of dancing. The artist used specific lines in the image such as the loops in the bottom of the dress shows the swaying of the skirt in the air. The angle of her shoulders and the levels of her arms so that she’s twisting her body to the wind.
In this sketched image you have a set of four dancers behind a curtain. Representing the dancers before the show. On the far left you have two dancers huddled together while trying to peek out of the curtain. In the middle you have the one who looks to be rehearsing with less curiosity of the audience. And on the right you have the one dancer with the most curiosity trying to pull back the curtain as if to take a peek. The artist used very little color only to expose a little light on the details. The artist used mosting shading and harsh lines to really depict the image.
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