Symmetrical Patterns in Art

Various works of art that use various forms of symmetry to catch the viewers attention.

It is impressive to me that even in this time period the individuals who created this disc had the ability to create such accurate radial symmetry.
While not %100 symmetrical, the fact that the artist was able to achieve this amount of detail while working within a symmetrical silhouette is why I chose this.
I chose this piece because it uses three panels with a symmetrical pattern as the canvas, which gives interesting rigid geometry to an otherwise natural and chaotic scene.
I chose this piece due to the radial symmetry it demonstrates in a real 3D plane. I also picked it cause its shiny, yay shiny.
I picked this piece for the architecture. The arches, ceiling, and floor demonstrate excellent symmetry and give interesting geometry to the scene.
Even though the symmetry in this piece is far from perfect, the fact that it is even close says something about the attention to detail that the artist put into this.
Though incomplete, this symmetry on this design for an oval frame is obvious. The level of detail on the one side makes me wish I could see the completed design.
though the proportions on this skeleton are not accurate, the anatomical symmetry in this piece is closer than something I might have expected from this time period.
Like with the previous sculpt, the radial symmetry in this bowl while on a 3D plane is why I chose this piece. Also like before, it too is shiny.
I chose these spools due to the amount of detail the artist was able to capture in such a small area while maintaining an overall symmetrical pattern.
I chose this piece because of the symmetrical pattern created by the different panels. This geometric pattern goes in direct contrast to the asymmetrical colors created by the trees in the piece.
Like with the first disc, this also shows impressive radial symmetry, however this one is more 3D than the first.
While technically not symmetrical, the radial pattern presented in this caught my attention, as it has almost a natural look to it.
This one caught my eye as it is more of a perspective piece. The perspective, however, is split down the middle, causing an almost symmetrical line between the two linear perspectives.
This is another example of symmetry in architecture, though this perspective give it an interesting angle to view it from.