Neutral Love - Miguel Augustus

With the colors; grey, black, and white their colors that don’t go recognized much but when the colors black and white are wildly blended together the black and white fuse together the blending creates the neutral love color, grey. This gallary consist of art works such as; Grey and Silver: pier, southend, The Great Sea, Head Of the Buddha, The Snowstorm, White and Black, Black and White, Portrait of helene,  Study of triton blowing a conch shell, A yong man with a fur hat holding a staff Still life in a palm tree, The White and Black Hammers.    

Grey and Silver: Pier, Southend, Artist: James McNeill Whistler, early 1880s, From the collection of: Freer and Sackler Galleries
The grey and silver: Pier, southend's mashed movement matches how to blend together multiple colors to create a picture perfect love of grey. The open view from the ocean of the pier with grey sky's leaving a clear Perspective, nothing drifting the eye’s away from the sight. The pier sitting towards the back so you could focus more on the grey.
The Grey Sea, LS Lowry, 1964, From the collection of: Lakeland Arts - Abbot Hall Art Gallery and Museum
The colors black and white are wildly blended together the black and white fuse together the blending creates the neutral love color, grey. Depicted is past tense for depict and depict mean to show by form of artwork; Drawing, and or painting. This, the Great Sea Opens up the eye’s leaving you staring in the endless oceans seas.
Head of the Buddha, dark grey schist, 100/299, From the collection of: British Museum
The Head of the Buddha, dark grey schist It’s craftsmanship, from the color of the material which it’s made from the darker sides content the blackest color and as you move left of the head the middle maintains the grey and further left it start to brighten up with a little more white. The movement of the hair on the head it swivels to give the imaging of it being it’s real hair and how it looked when it was crafted.
The Snowstorm: Spiral Motif in Black and White, Victor Pasmore, 1950 - 1951, From the collection of: Arts Council Collection
The Snowstorm: Spiral Motif in Black and White, the colors mix white and black with swirly movements and the colors blend together mashing them up and creating little areas of grey around the painting. The swirls infuse the white and black lightly and heavily all around the painting as well, in the top right corner for example is extremely light and as you move down it’s gets really dark and on the left is where the grey areas come to life.
White and Black, Yuan Xikun, 1991, From the collection of: Beijing Jintai Art Museum
The white and black painting comes in pieces of blended painting strokes mixing black and white together to create two horses. The painting strokes have slight wild movement; to get the curves of the horse’s muscles it’s calves. The color of the horses body is white while when you get to it’s Skelton figure is where the black and white are mash together creating grey, the lower the you on the painting is the lighter the mashes become making them light grey.
Black and White, Yuan Xikun, 2010, From the collection of: Beijing Jintai Art Museum
The black and white painting is another painting of two horses just in another position, which shows off the mix between the two colors black and white creating grey spots on the horses. The paint strokes are rough to get the dense coloration of black on the tail of the first visible horse and on the face and hair on the second horse.
Portrait of Hélène Fourment, Peter Paul Rubens, circa 1630 - 1631, From the collection of: Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen
The portrait of Helene Fourment, Is more of a sketching on tan paper, the sketch was drawn lightly given off white areas because the pencil isn’t dark enough to fill in certain spot. At the bottom of her dress is where you see the shading showing off the different outlines in her dress.
Study of Triton Blowing a Conch Shell (recto); Partial Study of an Arm (verso), Annibale Carracci, about 1600, From the collection of: The J. Paul Getty Museum
The study of Triton Blowing a Conch Shell is another sketching, which utilizes lighter sketching’s to show off the muscles of triton. The smooth curve movements crafting every muscle on his body leaving the skin untouched which leaves his skin white and towards his abdominal area is where the shading begin to come in and creates grey areas which fill in the shadow as if you were staring at a real person and the sunlight was hitting their back.
A Young Man with a Fur Hat Holding a Staff (recto); Study of the Head of a Man with a White Collar (verso), Jacob Adriaensz Backer (Dutch, 1608 - 1651), late 1640s, From the collection of: The J. Paul Getty Museum
A Young Man with a Fur Hat Holding a Staff, the painting has been done on a greyish canvas, which leaves the black pencil which draws out the young man and keeps his right arm out and blends white paint on that side to cast as sunlight being shined on him. The curved movement the painting shows off the outlines of his clothes and is edged darker so that you can really see the edgings and are shaded in grey.
Still life with Palm Tree, Fernando Zóbel, 1974, From the collection of: Fundación Banco Santander
The Still life with Palm Tree is a unique painting in it self, it’s done on a white canvas and the colors used is light sketching’s of black to create the palm tree. The movement of the black ink is sketched wildly and the blended paint that was removed is now the life in a grey area.
Credits: All media
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